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Like anything else in life, fashion has its highs and lows. From trends that will never go out of style to fads that will simply have your eyes rolling as soon as you hear about them, one might think that we've exhausted everything about the industry. But Balenciaga comes in to break the notion. 

The French couture house is now under fire for a recently released pink airbrushed hoodie that costs a whopping USD895. The fashion piece, which has the New York City skyline print, is described by the Balenciaga as a "whimsical top" that is "cut with the French label's signature cocoon silhouette".

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But its ridiculous price tag isn't the only reason why people are reacting very negatively about the product. Airbrushing shirts has its roots from black and brown communities during the '60s, '70s, and '80s. What started out as graffitis on street walls and designs on hot rod cars became part of mainstream culture and has even been massively associated with hip-hop, especially because of icons like LL Cool Jay and Jay Master Jay. And even so, it was easily accessible, both in terms of availability and price-wise, to the majority of the people simply because of its humble beginnings.

People didn't hold back their opinions about why they're not buying this 'gimmick'. 


Balenciaga has yet to comment on the issue, but it's not the first time for a brand to release a ridiculous product that became food for the internet's entertainment. 

Just a couple of months ago, Topshop's Clear Knee Mom Jeans earned the title 'Ugliest Pants In The World' from many publications, which asked who thought it was a great idea to put plastic panels on the knee areas for fun? The piece itself is not exactly as ugly as everyone claims it to be, but it will still get you thinking "why?" Surprisingly, though, it's all sold out!

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Then there are the Ugg sandals, the love-child of Uggs and Teva's brand collaboration. The former's signature boot design was meshed with the latter's classic fur-lined sandals, resulting to something that makes you look like you broke your foot and got a cast on for a week. Again, people made sure they shared their two cents about the footwear via Twitter.


But nothing tops the USD280 tube scarf from Bulgarian brand Dukyana. The knitted fashion piece, which weighs 210 lbs, was labelled 'sock dress' by the internet. Once you wear it, you'll never know where it begins and ends. It's armless, sheds, and just heavy! 

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So whether you're loving or hating these crazy fashion releases, we're sure there's more where they came from; all that's left to do is somehow find entertainment in them and call them out when necessary. 

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