This New Etude House Collection Is Perfect For The Holidays | Clozette

2016 is flying by so fast and now we're almost celebrating the holidays! And what better way to celebrate this festive season than by dolling up and taking home a new haul that just shouts Christmas? 

That's right! Begin the holiday season on a sweet and lucky note with Etude House’ limited-edition My Little Nutcracker Collection. Whether you're looking for something for gift-giving or you're always on the lookout for cute and glam beauty products to add to your stash, this new collection has a product for everyone!

Inspired by Nutcrackers – a symbol of good luck given as keepsakes to bring good fortune, the packaging of the collection features Nutcracker motifs spiced up with a touch of Etude House magic – Nutcrackers have never looked more whimsical!

From our current favourites like lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, BB Cushions, and the signature PLAY 101 range, the My Little Nutcracker Collection will also feature limited-edition fragrances and lip and eye colour shades made exclusively for this collection.

So what are you waiting for? Give your festive season a touch of sparkle and glam with Etude House' My Little Nutcracker Collection. 


The Etude House My Little Nutcracker Collection will be available in all Etude House counters in Singapore this November. 

You know what they say: two is better than one. That’s why the Clarins Double Serum - the first double serum with separate oil and water phases - has proven itself to be one of the best anti-agers in the market since its debut in 1985.

Sure, its formulation has been improved constantly over the past 27 years and is a skincare classic that has withstood the test of time - exactly like how we’d like our skin to preserve youth and defy aging. Read on as we share three reasons why we think all women from age 25 and beyond should own a Clarins Double Serum in their beauty arsenal.


You Get Two Anti-Aging Formulas in One Bottle

How do you successfully combine water- and oil-soluble ingredients together in one formula to achieve the best skincare solution? The answer is: you don’t. The Clarins Double Serum’s water- and oil-soluble ingredients are stored in two separate vials - equipped with a unique pump system within the bottle. Precise amounts of each formula are pumped out with each application to ensure they perform at its most optimum for our skin.

Essentially, you’re getting double the anti-aging formula in one bottle - and double the anti-aging power on your skin.

It Contains An Astonishing 20-Strong Plant Ingredients 

It’s no secret that the heart of Clarins lies its solid portfolio of botanical ingredients. But imagine 20 plant extracts in one product - all meticulously selected for their skin boosting benefits. Then, imagine: amongst the 20-strong plant extracts the likes of Maritime Pine, Green Tea and Quinoa, is the Cangzhu extract. A Chinese medicinal herb, the Cangzhu extract stimulates G protein - a key protein of the cell membranes - to boost cell activities and enhance the efficacy of the remaining ingredients.

The result? A remarkably concentrated formula that rejuvenates skin cells to target your skin’s five vital functions for younger-looking skin: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection, and regeneration. What exactly does that mean? A noticeably younger-looking visage with firm suppleness, smoothed wrinkles, minimised pores, and visible radiance.


Indulge In A Sensorial Experience

Because of its separate water- and oil-soluble formulas that only blend together upon application, the Double Serum dispenses a smooth, gel-like fluid texture that feels slightly different from your regular serum. It goes on like facial oil without the greasiness, and absorbs quickly into the skin without any trace of oily residue.

With regards to compatibility with your skincare regimen, the Double Serum absorbs quickly and has been proven to boost the efficacy of your subsequent creams to ensure that your skin is ready for the next skincare steps. Its refreshing blend of fruity and floral notes (created by a Japanese master perfumer) makes you feel like you’re indulging in a pampering session at the Clarins Skin Spa - except you’re in the comfort of your own home. When it comes to an all-rounded sensorial skincare experience, the Clarins Double Serum definitely takes home the gold.

The Clarins Double Serum retails at SGD $121 for 30ml.


Want to give the Clarins Double Serum a try? 
Get your free 7-day trial supply here.


No matter what age we're in, we are prone to getting dry skin. This is because we get exposed to a lot of skin damaging factors such as stress, pollution, and of course, UV rays. And sometimes, by mid-day, all the effort that has gone to exfoliating and moisturising has faded, leaving the skin looking dull and tired. Thankfully, we got introduced the magic of spritzing on face mists that allow us to get that glowy and more radiant skin as easy as 1,2,3.

And a new gamechanger in this beauty product range is Laneige's new Water Bank Creamist. Making the benefits of the Water Bank Moisture Cream more accessible and travel-friendly, it's like refreshing your moisturising cream routine in a single spray. 

Composed of six ionised moisturising minerals and three vitamins in the Hydro Ion Mineral Water, this formulation helps in regulating skin moisture, allowing the skin to look plumper and more radiant. Plus, with the advanced micro emulsification technology, the large particles of the cream are transformed into translucent and tiny liquid particles of moisturising mist, giving you the Water Bank Moisture Cream's instant boost anytime and anywhere. 

A perfect supplement before you touch up your makeup mid-day, say goodbye to tight and flaky-looking skin with Laneige Water Bank Creamist!


The Laneige Water Bank Creamist is available in all Laneige counters in Singapore for SGD $27.