This No. 1 Whip Foam In Japan Is Now In Malaysia | Clozette
To women who want nothing but the best for their skin, here’s some good news: The number one whip foam in Japan, since eight years ago, is now in Malaysia. Senka has finally arrived to give your skin the nourishment and pampering care it deserves.

Championing “nomitsu” – Japanese for short, but rich and intensive care – Senka products provide single-step products that provide multiple benefits and soothe, calm and nourish the skin. You’ll feel relaxed and renewed after each use.

Packed with naturally derived silk essence that protects your skin and leaves it feeling smooth, and boosted with double hyaluronic acid that moisturises and enhances the skin’s softness; the Perfect Whip foam is the perfect kind of pampering you deserve for a complexion that’s free from trouble.

Aside from skin lovin’ ingredients, the Perfect Whip foam is also so dense that it penetrates the pores and cleanses impurities more effectively.

To complement the cleansing power of the foam, Senka also offers products that target specific skin woes. The Speedy Perfect Whip Airy Touch is a great cleanser for people who have normal to oily skin. If you feel the need for some heavy cleansing, put the Perfect Double Wash to the test. Looking to brighten your dull complexion? Try the Perfect White Clay. If something a little gentle is what you’re looking for, you’ll love the Perfect Gel.

Giving yourself a breather at the end of a day with a competent beauty routine is a nice way to relieve stress and feel relaxed. For many, doing a routine can even be therapeutic. So go ahead, indulge yourself in your favourite beauty treat and whip your stress away at the end of the day with the Perfect Whip.

Here’s how to whip your way to skin perfection:


Senka products are now available in Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Wellness, Sasa, Giant, Aeon and Parkson in Malaysia.

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They say that one of the best moments in a woman's life is walking down the aisle towards her everlasting love. Unfolding a new chapter in her life, photographs will be taken here and there to celebrate the occasion, so she has to look her best. 

If the happy couple decides to go for a summer wedding, the chances of having your makeup melt down on you should never be an option. So if you're a summer bride on the lookout for MOTDs that will last throughout your special day, keep on reading for our top pegs you can easily cop. 

Rose gold eyes + nude lips

Simple yet elegant, this classic makeup look not only looks divine but also feels lightweight and looks glowing under the sun. It's a versatile combination that can take you from the aisle to the reception, leaving your makeup look still looking flawless and barely moved even after crying or taking your first bite of the wedding cake.  

Lush lashes + rosy cheeks

Loved up eyes and naturally blushed cheeks that are reminiscent of your first date, going for lush lashes and pink cheeks is another lightweight look that'll last you through the day while still looking radiant. 

Bronze eyes + peachy cheeks

(Photo from: Sitiology)

'Summer' and 'bronze' go together in perfect harmony just like you and your beau. So what better chance to pack on that bronzer and emerge as a gorgeous summer goddess than with an eye look that stars the coveted hue. Never forget to put on eyeshadow primer to make sure it lasts throughout the day, and complement the strong eye look with a soft touch of peach on the cheeks.

A sharp wing + classic red lips

(Photo from: curlsandmints)

Sultry and purely the colour of romance, be as scorching hot as the sun with this makeup combo. Spritz setting spray on your finished look and go for smudge-proof products for an all-day-long MOTD. Quote us on this as we say that you can have this look take you all the way to set the honeymoon mood. 

(Cover photo from: MelissaFerosha)


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While images of lounging by the beach are what usually come to mind when the thought of summer appears, the season also conjures up memories of childhood. The school holiday begins and summer was dedicated to carefree playtime. 

With growing up comes responsibilities, leaving us with little time to do as many fun things when we were younger. But it’s never too late to start again! Take this summer as your cue to reunite with the child within you. Bring out your playful nature with the help of these activities.

Play dress up

(Photo from: imkimsantiago)

On days when you don’t need to look sharp for work, opt for something your younger self would wear. Put on a pinafore (which happens to be one of this season’s trends, by the way) or bring out your jelly shoes. 

Enjoy the outdoors

Remember when the most fun thing to do was run around aimlessly under the sun until we’re almost out of breath? Relive that moment by going to the park and taking a stroll. Not only will you make the inner child in you happy, your body will thank you for it, too.

Mix makeup and nostalgia

(Photo from: iamaly)

As we grew older, we traded in our crayons for makeup. But really, there is nothing quite like playing with colours to bring out the child within. With that in mind, Clinique and Crayola teamed up to create a delightful collection that will surely charm makeup lovers who are children-at-heart. The limited edition Clinique x Crayola Chubby Sticks, which bear the packaging of the iconic Crayola crayons, are here for you to play with. Reminisce the times you used the crayons when you were little with every swipe of the Chubby Sticks for lips named after Crayola’s most unique names — think Mango Tango, Razzmatazz, and Mauvelous!

(Cover photo: jamilajoyce)


The limited edition Clinique x Crayola Chubby Sticks for Lips are now available at all Clinique counters in the Philippines.