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Society asks us to act a certain way, adhere to a certain kind of standard. Women, especially, get this pressure a lot. But it’s 2017, and who has time for typecasting and asking women to fit into boxes? 

We’ve contributed a lot to society, by way of the arts — from music to movies to fashion — and sciences. The future is female, they say, and we totally agree. We’re also happy to know that there are brands that celebrate not only our womanhood but our individuality and the idea that women cannot be confined into a certain group. We’re mothers, daughters, sisters, painters, executives, doctors — we are diverse. 

With that idea in mind, Melissa’s 2017 Autumn Winter collection showcased at Milan Fashion Week, aptly called Flygrl, aims to celebrate the strides and leaps women have conquered. Inspired by true stories of women who have made a mark in their own ways, the collection is composed of pieces for every type of woman. Curious to see the diversity? Here are just some of our top picks.

These Cowboy shoes are sleek and stylish. The strong edges are the perfect metaphor for the strength women have.

For the edgy and whimsical woman, slip on a pair of Wonder shoes. Turn heads wherever you go with this stunning style.

The perfect embodiment of classic femininity, these Jean Sandal + Jason Wu pairs are must-haves for everyone.


Grab a pair that fits your unique personality at Melissa Malaysia. Melissa is located at Lot G341, Ground Floor New Wing 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


We’re all about sticking to your personal style, but we think there’s nothing wrong about following trends either. So long as you put your own spin to the trend, we say why not? We mean, if the shoe fits, wear it! 

And speaking of shoes, we were lucky to take a peek at what Aldo Singapore has in store for spring and summer this year at The Arts House on March 30. 

The shoes showcased are trendy, but they can definitely suit anyone's style. Here are on-trend sole-mates you can add to your current favourites.


Left: Aldo Cadassa; Right: Aldo Prettie

Popularised by Rihanna, this style has become quite controversial. (Rihanna sued two high street brands for copying the style.) Despite that, we’re still here for it — especially when you see its juxtaposition to a rather edgy style like the sneakers above.


Left: Aldo Kinza: Right: Aldo Yaessi

Making their way out of pockets and hems, embroidery is now taking over shoes. From sneakers to heels, the romantic touch of roses and the fierceness of animal prints are definitely eye-catching.


Left: Aldo Brandey; Right: Aldo Yoana

When’s a good time to wear metallics? Anytime you feel like it. Take now for instance. If you’re worried that wearing metallic shoes is outlandish, try a pair that is not completely metallic. It could be just the heel or just the strap — not both, so it’s not overwhelming.



Left: Aldo Robby; Right: Aldo Maurizia

From one outlandish style to another… well, it’s summer ergo neon! Add colour in your step by sporting this trend. Couple it with another trend we’re loving — slides — and you’re comfy, stylish and ready to rock this season.

Ankle Straps

Left: Aldo Elvyne; Right: Aldo Angilia

If you’re more of a classic type of girl, then you’re in luck because a classic style is also re-emerging. Say hello to dainty ankle-strapped shoes and never say goodbye.


Already got your eyes on a pair? Make sure your feet are ready. Here are our top foot care tips.



K-Pop idols have throngs of fans not just because of their catchy tunes, but also because of their unique sense of style. Whether on stage or on the streets, these idols are always at the forefront of fashion. lists down 10 K-Pop idols whose style are always on point.

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