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These days, we don’t just buy out of necessity or habit. We see retail as part of self-care. And with that, it’s only fitting that we widen our horizon and look for more options. Of course, there’s nothing wrong about frequenting shops that you’ve already been used to. But may we interest you in something new… and meaningful?

We’re sure you’ve already seen the use of the word “conscious” in fashion. While it’s not exactly a new concept, we can’t say it’s already a ubiquitous practice. But one new multi-brand store based in Singapore is dreaming of changing that. Say hello to ZERRIN.

With a mission to let people know and adopt the lifestyle to #shopmeaningfully, ZERRIN offers products that allow women to support brands that are valuable to them — those that are crafted with care and are made with vegan and cruelty-free materials.

Ready to try it yourself? Here are just some of the things you can buy.


Aanya offers Bohemian-style apparel and accessories that are made ethically in India.


Meanwhile, ANIA is a beauty brand inspired by African ingredients and practices. Their products are made with organic and natural ingredients.


Offering lovingly crafted jewellery by makers in Bali and Pakistan, Pyar is definitely an accessory store to watch out for.

Shop these and more at ZERRIN.



We’re all for experimentation when it comes to personal style, and no one should dictate what we choose to adorn ourselves with, but there are some things that just don’t work. That said, we like a bit of a challenge, and when it involves tackling fashion faux pas, you bet we’d take it on.

Clashing prints 

(Photo from: margasayson)

Mixed prints have been on trend for years now, but it is a tricky one to perfect. More often than not, wearing different prints at once makes your outfit lose focus and feel forced. Here are some tips to make sure you look more intriguing than gaudy. Choose prints in varying densities — for example, a loud cheetah print over loose curved lines. Also, find complementing base colours to pull the outfit together.

Visible panty line (VPL) 

(Photo from: ssydneyho)

There’s nothing flattering about the dreaded visible panty line, especially when you’re wearing a really cute bodycon dress. There's only one way to solve this fashion crime: seamless underwear. We’re big fans of Uniqlo’s stitchless underwear line because they stay hidden under fitted bottoms but don’t give you a massive wedgie in return.

Shapeless clothing 

(Photo from: Joannelummz)

If we had it our way, we’d get rid of rigid, figure-hugging garments altogether and opt for large, comfy shirts. But toeing the line of oversized fashion involves some balance — if you don’t do it right, you’ll look like you put on a potato sack and walked out of the house. Here's an idea: pair an oversized sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and boots to balance things out.

Riding the trends 


The biggest faux pas of them all — wearing something because everyone’s wearing it (no, you don’t need a Michael Kors bag just because everyone at work has one). Don’t be afraid to try something you find at a thrift store, or stick to a reliable black on black get-up if that’s what makes you feel good. The point is, never dress for someone else’s approval. You do you, girl!

(Cover photo from: sheisjamsy)

Here are more style tips to get you on top of the game.



Poise, confidence, attitude — these are three things that encompasses what it means to be a cool girl. It may seem like an unreachable subject, especially when we see fashion mavens and influencers paving their way into the catwalk in pure cool girl style, but with the Fashion Futures 1.0 show at Singapore Fashion Week 2017, everyone got the chance to snag the look as easy as 1,2,3 with the see-now-buy-now concept. 

But if you missed the event, no worries! Take notes on how to ace the cool girl style as we list down the top tips we got from these fashion influencers as they don some of ZALORA's best. 

Experiment with colour blocking

Just like Azira Shafinaz, taking a leap at mixing and matching pieces is quite the challenge, but it shouldn't scare you into trying it out. Mix in statement pieces that scream life and fun with their colour and just rock it with your confidence. 

Play around with textures and cuts

Get some inspo from Hong Kong's Cecilia Ngan by copping her layered look. Mixing in a semi-dungaree style denim top with a button-down and an asymmetrical skirt that plays around the same colour scheme shows that you can take your outfit to the next level without overthinking too much organisation into the look. 

When in doubt, go basic

The classic cool girl is all about donning the coolest colour of them all: black. Much like Jovi Adhiguna, being cool is recognising that there are days when you simply have to go back to basic. 

Try on complementing colours and pieces

If you're not up for too many extreme tangents in your outfit, picking a colour scheme an era of inspiration is a great tactic. Take notes from Maxene Magalona's retro-chic look that combines modern and vintage-inspired pieces to create a harmonious ensemble that works perfectly for fall. 

Go for a statement piece

What we love about Nicole Wong's outfit is that it goes beyond that idea that everything in the outfit has to complement each other. We see checks matched with faux snakeskin boots that may seem to not be the best idea at first, but it definitely gives a 'too cool for you' vibe that makes the outfit stand out in the greatest ways possible. 

Accessorise and add a pop of colour

How do you kick it up a notch when you've got your basics, with a touch of playfulness, on point? Get the 411 with Pia Danielle Padre's OOTD as she added a touch of wow-factor sunnies into the mix and added an eye-catching piece by averting to her overall colour scheme and adding a pop of red. 

It's all about confidence and comfort

In true cool girl fashion, style is all about being comfortable without the fear of experimenting. Every outfit's bottom line is only two things: if you feel confident in it and if you feel comfortable in it. Yvonne Liang's outfit perfectly summarises it all. The combination of the comfy romper and the kimono cardigan, styled to match her spunky and edgy style spells cool girl material through and through.