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A proper manicure is always a treat for any gal. Not only is it a relaxing hour (or hour-and-a-half) without having to think about other responsibilities and whatnot but a great manicure will also leave you looking effortlessly well-groomed and put-together. Your manicurist might even throw in a free hand massage to relax those tired muscles from typing day in and day out. But when you don’t have the time to visit a nail salon or need to fix a chipped polish ASAP, it’s always good to have some go-to colours in your vanity. Here are some popular nail polish looks you should try.

Faux Nude Nails

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Faux Nude Nails
(Photo from: Genzel)

A simple, easy way of achieving a classy and timeless look is by using a nude-coloured polish. It’s all a matter of finding the right shade that matches and complements your skin tone. The Original Color Hit Nail Polish in Wild Nude from the Sephora Collection is a perfect example of this.

Mad About Matte

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Mad About Matte
(Photo from: sparksofjoyce)

Matte polish adds a degree of texture to your look. It’s interesting enough to garner attention in the right lighting, but not too distracting as gems and glitter, which makes it very office-appropriate. Using a matte top coat like this one from Nail Inc. can transform any glossy polish to a matte finish.

Glittering Gems

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Glittering Gems
(Photo from: GreenStory)

For the creative spirit, adding a gem can amp up your nails instantly. The three-dimensional effect can range from classy to kawaii, so mix and match this style to fit your individual personality. Use a rich red polish like the Butter London Patent Shine 10x Lacquer in Afters as a base and place a small rhinestone near the cuticle for a set of classy nails.

Shining, Shimmering Sparkles

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Shining, Shimmering Sparkles
(Photo from: ninasinganon)

Glitter polish is not just for the holidays. Wear glitter nail polishes year-round or pair them with a plain coloured polish for more variety in your look. For confetti-like nails, try the NCLA Prized Possessions Nail Lacquer.

Painted Flora

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Painted Flora
(Photo from: paradeoflove)

If you have a bit of time and money to spare, treat yourself to a nail art manicure! Whether you choose a pastel hue or a bold shade for a base, the careful application of the design will astound and impress any person who sees it.

(Cover photo from: @sparksofjoyce)

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I’ve been having a really hectic few weeks packed with travelling and work, so I was really looking forward to taking some time off to unwind at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Singapore by trying the recently launched Himalayan Crystal Glow treatment.

Kersie Koh at Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Creative Director Kersie at the entrance of The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Singapore

As soon as I arrived at the fifth floor of the Mandarin Oriental, I was greeted by the spa’s magnificent entrance — a pair of large, opaque sliding doors concealing a quiet pathway leading to the reception, giving me a sense of security, like I’m entering a hideaway where I can hole up and relax.

Bath and shower area

The changing room at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Singapore

After a quick registration, I changed into slippers and enjoyed a warm cup of tea before being led to a very luxurious, cosy changing room where I was shown around the bath and sauna areas and taught to use their modern locker system. As soon as I changed into my robe, I was ready to settle in for my treatment.

Himalayan Crystals for a natural glow

Left: Himalayan salt for the scrub, Himalayan salt stones for the massage, and triphala oil; Right: A closer look at the Himalayan salt stone

My therapist began the two-hour session with an introduction and a soothing foot bath, followed by an invigorating 20-minute Himalayan salt scrub. Dubbed the purest salt on Earth, this detoxifying exfoliant was mixed with almond oil prior to application to exfoliate and nourish my skin and prepare my body for the massage. I personally love getting scrubbed because it feels like rolling on sand at the beach, but with the added benefit of having extra smooth skin after. No more dead skin cells!

The cool bathroom at The Spa

The en-suite bath & shower area in the treatment room

After rinsing the salt scrub off in the shower, I laid back down on the massage bed for my massage. Triphala oil, infused with an ancient Ayurvedic herbal blend of three antioxidant-rich fruits known for cleansing and nourishing properties, was drizzled and then massaged onto my back and legs with long, firm strokes using heated Himalayan salt stones to release knots and tension.

The salt stones, which are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial in nature, felt pleasantly warm and smooth, and glided along my muscles and rested on acupressure points to relieve my body of aches and fatigue. This three-step ritual was designed to provide deep relaxation, and it lived to its promise indeed. I drifted into slumberland midway and woke up feeling well and truly rejuvenated at the end of the massage. My head and shoulders felt light, like a huge weight was taken off them.

The Tea Lounge at The Spa

The Tea Lounge at The Spa

Feeling peckish after the two-hour experience, I adjourned to the spa’s tea lounge, where I rested and helped myself to an array of treats that included nuts, cookies, and red date tea with ginger and brown sugar, which aids in boosting blood circulation. It made for a very pleasant end to a relaxing time out from daily life, and I definitely enjoyed every second of it.

Based on how energetic and thoroughly rested I felt afterwards, I can definitely see the Himalayan Crystal Glow treatment being a great occasional self-care treat; a respite from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life, even. It would also make a wonderful birthday treat for a loved one.

Priced at SGD400 before taxes, the Himalayan Crystal Glow treatment by The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Singapore comprises a foot bath, Himalayan salt scrub, and a Himalayan Salt Stone massage. To find out more, click here.


From the creators of Tokyo White now comes another skincare brand, Masumi, which pre-launched last 29 August 2019 at Merry Mart grocery inside Double Dragon Meridian Plaza. Headlined by celebrity and brand co-founder Angel Aquino, Masumi derives its inspiration from a synonymous Japanese female name loosely translated to 'true beauty'.

Using natural Japanese ingredients and technology with innovative 100 per cent Filipino manufacturing, the brand's introductory range is the Rose Collection, comprised of six skincare products that are formulated for a holistic beauty routine. The curation includes the Rose Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Rose Mist, Micellar Cleansing Water, Day Cream, Night Cream, and Oil Essence, all infused with the power of natural rose and aloe vera extracts harvested and manufactured directly from Japan. 

Masumi Event Setup at Merry Mart; Masumi Rose Collection

Rose Centifolia, which is at the core of this range, is chosen for its ability to keep the skin supple and moisturised, as well as help combat causes of acne and the signs of ageing with its antioxidant and collagen production-aiding properties. The products are also infused with Aloe Vera extract to help double-up on moisturisation, as well as aid in minimising and soothing skin damages caused by exposure to UV rays and other external factors. All products are dressed in beautiful red-and-gold packaging, channelling elegance and a very luxurious feel despite its affordability at less than PHP400/~USD8 each. 

Masumi Packaging Per Product

After its official pre-launch to the public, we were then taken to an intimate sit-down session with Masumi's co-founder and ambassador Angel Aquino and the rest of the Masumi team to learn about the range in-depth. Taking a year in development, the team shared that the product line was initially set to be larger, but they decided to focus first on basics to ensure that they get not just the formulation but even the small details right — from a sleeker packaging to the strength and subtlety of the smell to the price-point. After all, K-beauty may be big on the 10-step skincare, but with the Filipino women in mind, practicality and accessibility win. 

Celebrity and Masumi co-founder Angel Aquino; Guest samples Masumi products

Left: Filipino celebrity and Masumi co-founder Angel Aquino holds her favourite from the line, the Hydrating Rose Mist; Right: A lucky bystander was the first to sample the Masumi Rose Collection

An immediate crowd favourite was the Hydrating Rose Mist, which we understood the hype for when we got to try the product on-ground. It has a refreshing feel and scent (rosy yet not too overwhelming) even with just a couple of spritzes. The sprayer does a great job distributing the product for easy absorption and hydrating the skin without it feeling too wet. We also found out that it can double-up as a toning mist that can be used under your makeup or at night post-cleansing.

While currently in its pre-launch stage and is available in limited stores at the moment, Masumi teased that they are looking to launch in major supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty counters later this September. Meanwhile, catch the Masumi True Beauty Rose Collection first in select Watsons outlets, Merry Mart Double Dragon Plaza and online at BeautyMNL.