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Ever wondered why your skin isn't as clear as you wish for it to be? Or no matter how consistent you are with your skincare routine it just doesn't seem enough? Fact is, your skin could possibly be affected by your working/living environment and the type of lifestyle you lead (E.g. Drinking too much alcohol, sleeping late, irregular diet, etc).

The first step to achieving radiant-looking skin would be to understand your own skin type and to incorporate a daily skincare routine most suitable for you.

I start my day by cleansing my face – I personally prefer oil-based cleanser, as it’s much more suitable for my combination-type skin and doesn’t cause my skin to become all taut; you might get the idea that having tight-feeling skin after each wash means that it’s good or that your skin is being thoroughly cleansed. However, that’s just a misconception. You’re actually doing more harm to your skin, as that tightness in your skin probably means that your skin has gotten so dry that it’s lost all its moisture, and you don’t want that. Especially if your skin-type is dry, you might want to consider chucking out all that cleanser that doesn’t provide protection for your skin nor moisturizes it at the end of each wash. 

Post-cleansing, I move on to Toner – for balanced pH level and clear skin > Moisturizer > Sunblock (loads and loads of it). I’m crazily obsessed with skin protection, much so after being told that I’ve got tiny little freckles appearing on one side of my cheek. By the way, don’t forget to apply all of your skin care and make up onto your neck as well if you don’t want to have uneven skin tone!

Due to the nature of my job as a Pilates instructor, I try to put on as little make up as possible, as it gets quite uncomfortable and a little gross when I perspire. After applying a layer of sunblock, I proceed to putting on the foundation (which I find blends really well together with the sunblock), concealer to cover up my dark rings, followed by some loose powder before drawing on my eyebrows and brightening up my peepers with some mascara, and lastly some blusher to give my face a little bit of color. Viola! It’s not much, but I feel that the lesser make up you have on your face, the better it is for your skin as it allows your skin to rest and “breathe”. Furthermore, I strongly believe in recovery over concealing (of blemishes, etc). Which is also another reason why I follow my daily skincare routine so religiously.

You might think that “Oh, I only had on some loose powder on my face. I don’t think I have to remove my make up.” No, no, no. Make-up removal at the end of the day is a MUST. No matter how tired you are, or how little make up you have on, do take the effort to do so! Imagine all the dirt accumulated on your skin… Results of not removing make-up would be clogged pores, dull and dehydrated skin. 

Right before I head to bed after shower, I repeat the same routine as in the morning, minus the sunblock. Double cleanse, to ensure that my skin is thoroughly cleansed of make up before I begin my Estée Lauder Vitality8™ regimen.

The first step of it would be to generously apply Estée Lauder Vitality8™ Radiant Dual-Phase Emulsion over my face and neck – the emulsion being the first as it quickly gets absorbs into the skin, and strengthen our skin’s internal moisture barrier instead of purely just getting onto the surface area.  

Followed after, would be Estée Lauder Vitality8™ Radiant Overnight Detox Concentrate (formulated with clay to help absorb impurities and detox skin) which also helps to minimize the looks of pores and purify accumulated damages to the skin from pollutants and other aggressors; providing intense hydration for my skin while I sleep and waking up with fresh and supple skin the next morning!

Personally loving the new Estée Lauder Vitality8™ collection as it’s perfect for Asian skin! 

You may feel that these routines are a little tedious, but once you get into the habit, you will find that you’re not able to do without it; missing one day of my routine really does make a huge difference to my skin. Also, don’t forget to hydrate through the day, and voila! Simple tips to achieve radiant looking skin through the day, every single day! 



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If you're like most people who want good skin, then you know that aside from living a healthy lifestyle, a good set of skincare products that contain antioxidant ingredients is something that should be part of your beauty arsenal. From brightening your skin, to flushing out toxins, a good antioxidant product contains beneficial ingredients extracted from a variety of natural sources, presenting a host of skincare benefits for smoother, younger looking skin. 

If you're still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why antioxidants are important in skincare.


It protects you from the environment

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The first thing you need to know about antioxidants is that they are first in line when it comes to defending your body from free radicals. Free radicals are highly unstable and reactive molecules that damage cells. That includes your skin cells--which are actually most vulnerable to free radical damage from external sources like pollution and UV rays that you encounter in day-to-day life. 

Antioxidants work by countering unstable molecules by "donating” electrons. This results in creating a protective layer against free radicals and other pollutants. You can up this protection by including more antioxidant-rich food in your diet such as tomatoes, pomegranates, berries, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and leafy greens; and by also adding an antioxidant based skincare product in your beauty regimen.

It keeps you looking young

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That hard truth about ageing is that you can't prevent it from happening. The good news is that you can delay it. Antioxidants are the superstar ingredients when it comes to anti-ageing issues. By nature, antioxidants combat the damage behind both the visible and hidden signs of skin ageing. This is done by plumping the skin to make it appear more youthful--which in turn, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. To add to that, antioxidants also enhance the effectiveness of sunscreens and the rest of your beauty products in preventing and correcting sun damage. So yes, it's best to start your anti-ageing skincare routine when you're young to keep that radiant glow. 

It helps repair skin

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Throughout the years, your skin cells are continuously damaged due to sun exposure, pollution, stress, bad eating habits, and harsh skincare products. Products with a variety of antioxidants is what you need to combat this. It'll be even better if they are products with a combination of various antioxidants. Think: berries, vitamin c, and pomegranates (fun fact: pomegranates are known to have the most amount of antioxidants, even surpassing red wine and tea tree oil). It works by reducing the appearance of scar tissue and increasing blood flow, thus minimizing the size of the scar, and encouraging the development of new skin. 

It clears blemishes

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Red marks, inflammation, acne, scars--these are just some of the skincare problems we loathe seeing on our faces. It's a good thing that antioxidants are there to save the day! Blemish creams may heal your skin from these problems from the outside, but antioxidants heal from inside out.  Antioxidants calm inflammation by increasing circulation and cell metabolism which in turn, evens out the skin tone and help keep acne, wrinkles, and inflammation at bay. Hello, clear skin! 

It boosts sun protection

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Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in any skincare regimen; but did you know that by simply incorporating more antioxidants in your beauty regimen, you'd be able to further boost your sun protections? Unlike sunscreen, antioxidants are able to guard your cells from the inside, giving you another layer of protection against the sun by fortifying your skin against sun damage. So boost your sun protection by complementing your daily sunscreen regimen with a skincare product rich in antioxidants such as the Estée Lauder Nutritious line.



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