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To The Girl Who Doesn't Like To Follow The Latest Fashion Trends

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Every single time I log on to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, a new fashion trend seem to be taking over. And as someone who works in Clozette, I make it a point to keep my eyes peeled for what's "in." But there are other reasons too.

Personally, I find it interesting how society sets who will be the next trendsetter, which fashion pieces will make its comeback, and which designer will come up with a new groundbreaking innovation in style that'll change yet another facet of the industry. And with all this curiosity and fascination, I may come across as someone who actually follows trends. That's probably why you clicked on this article: to know what someone like me has to say to people who just don't get what these things are about. But the truth is, I only read and study trends. I don't live it. 

To put things into perspective, my fashion sense is a cross between grunge and geek. And I don't really see a problem with that. But to be fair, there was a time when I thought it was such a major dilemma. 

So if you're worried that your current style is losing its flame or you need confirmation that you are not a lone wolf in this "trendy" world, here's a little message I have for you. 


It's okay to embrace your own individuality

Always keep in mind that trends are simply suggestions and they shouldn't take over your identity. Having the attitude to pull off whatever it is that you're wearing comes from the knowledge that you are comfortable with your look. Plus, don't just brush off the effort you put into your outfit-- keep in mind that it takes a lot of heart, too!
Fashion is not a contest, it's a way of life

I have to admit that the word "fashion" used to scare me a lot. The image of the movie Mean Girls often flashed in my mind to the point that I even attempted to be "trendy". But the mere idea of spending a day in stilettos or wearing off-shoulder tops made me feel like I'm losing a part of myself. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But as I've said, it's not for everyone. 

And that's when it clicked: fashion should be about YOU and what YOU want to wear. Following trends for the sake of being "in" can be restricting in the long run. Always remember that as long as you own your personal style, there's nothing more fashionable and ideal than that. It's about allowing yourself to be more open to possibilities and self-expression. If in doubt, here's what certified fashion mavens have to say to you!
Not everyone is out to judge you

I totally understand why not following trends can be a terrifying thing. The fear to be ridiculed can really hit our self-confidence hard! One of the reasons why I overcame this "Mean Girls" image in my head is when I saw how the Clozette community appreciates the style, uniqueness, and creativity of each member. Not only have I found Clozetters who share my taste in fashion, but it has also become an avenue to broaden my personal style.

Before, I wouldn't even go near pastels! But seeing how I can play around with it without losing the identity of my own preferences is all thanks to the style inspirations I've seen in the Clozette community. So with that in mind, always remember that there's a major difference between letting your personal style grow and expand versus forcing yourself to change for the sake of following trends. 

From preppy and sporty looks, to monochromatic and alternative fashion, it's great to know that there's a community who will support your style preference whether or not it follows the current trends. All the more reason to embrace your personal sense of style, right?


What are your thoughts on this? Let's talk it all out in the comments below!