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Tokyo's streets are world-renowned for being as fashionable as catwalks. From launching the influence of the bold Harajuku aesthetic to inspiring the emergence of androgynous fashion as a subculture even prior to its popularity in the West, Tokyo street style has been a massive contributor to the fashion scene for years. It's also undeniably growing traction even more by means of social media.

Even the expansion of Japanese fast fashion brands like Uniqlo, BAPE, Comme des Garçons and more in the global market is just one of the many manifestations of the world's growing fascination and interest with the fashion popularised by the Land of the Rising Sun's capital. But how exactly do you capture the edge and appeal of Tokyo street style and incorporate it into your own wardrobe? Browse ahead as we share style notes from Japanese influencers on how to channel Tokyo Street Style's avant-garde vibe flawlessly. 

Choose your vibe and feel free to experiment

Unlike other fashionable cities with its distinct elements — say New York posh or Parisian chic — Tokyo street style is well-known for embracing maximalist fashion. Every style subculture has a story or an origin, making it edutaining above all else. Two common aesthetics adapted globally are the Kei (genderless style like Nakayama Satsuki's) and the Lolita (Victorian and Edwardian-inspired style as sported by Rinrindoll) subcultures but there's definitely a lot more to explore.

These are not to be mistaken with cosplay, or the act of recreating a fictional character/animé's look, as these styles happen to extend to people's way of lives most of the time, too. So at the core, channelling Tokyo street style goes beyond the surface and has to have strong roots from one's personal style, preference, and even values

Shoes are a big deal

Tokyo's a massive city and it takes a lot of commuting and walking just to go around. With that, a trusty pair of kicks is a major necessity. But how does one find comfort when maintaining a certain statement style? It seems like the city's fashionistas, like Crystal Toto a.k.a. Churrochaser, found the solution in varying styles of platforms or combat boots. Not only do they provide a vertical lift, chunky soles, no matter how simple the style, ties in a look together while standing out on its own. It complements both a casual or a well-constructed outfit without looking too out-of-place or leaving the ensemble looking unfinished and lacking, making it a more versatile choice than something with a flatter heel. 

Minimalism takes a turn

Japan is known for their minimalist lifestyle, but it completely takes a 180-degree turn in definition when it comes to Tokyo street style. Minimalist looks in this aspect mean coordinating your elements and colour palette to a certain degree. From toning down bold makeup, diminishing too many layers, or exaggerated fashion elements like extreme cut-outs or over-accessorising. Still, it inspires the use of print and patterns that are complementary to the look, much like elevating your daily casuals to still make a statement. Just take it from designer and rapper Kaichi Suzuki to show you how it's done. 

Don't be afraid to show off your DIY alterations

While a lot of brands all over Tokyo make for great sartorial sources, nothing still beats the vision of the actual wearer. Many Tokyo street style patrons, influencers or not, love showing off pieces that are tweaked and elevated by their very own hands. They're not very particular about perfecting stitches or measurements but focus more on how you're owning your style. Take notes from influencer Chibisuke, who made a familiar handkerchief design ready for the catalogues by being incorporated in a cut-out crop-top with extra long sleeves. 

(Cover photo from: @churrochaser)

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The latest fashion trend right now isn't a style of clothing or a retro piece, it's the face mask. With air quality dipping because of alleged man-made forest fires, increasing demand for this accessory prompted a stylish makeover. Far from the boring painter's and surgical mask, the latest versions took different forms ranging from sleek and technologically advance to cutesy with dainty designs. Can you believe that it even made an appearance during fashion week?

But while it's a relatively new thing to treat this once boring piece as a style statement on a global scale, in East Asia, masks have already been fashionable for quite some time all thanks to local pop stars who sport it not just for health reasons but also to conceal identity while in public areas. During the winter, masks are also used to protect parts of the face from drying out. 

Now, the trend has spread all over the world even in tropical areas most especially in South East Asia where the haze is still being experienced in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Ahead, where you can buy (and try) stylish masks.

Pitta Mask

Want a chic and sleek mask? You should check out Pitta Masks. They come in neutral and pastel colours which can go well with any outfit and are made from a comfortable, lightweight and washable material called polyurethane. But unlike other newly launched mask brands, the Pitta Mask isn't built for combatting air pollution. Instead, it was made for preventing allergies due to increased pollen count during the spring season. You can also use this for protection against dust when you're cleaning the house. 


Alan Walker Ft. Airinum

Alan Walker Ft. Airinum (SGD139/~USD100)

If street style is your aesthetic, then you'll love Airinum masks. Just recently, they even had a collaboration with DJ Alan Walker! The masks are KN95 certified with changeable filters that use a three-layer filter technology to protect against the smallest airborne contaminants and reduce exposure to bacteria. It also comes in different sizes and has an adjustable head-strap and earloops to ensure a perfect fit. In Singapore, you can find Airinum masks at Ante, and in the Philippines, you can check it out at Assembly.


Those who love playing with patterns and prints will be charmed by Vogmask's unique mask designs. The selections are wide: cute pandas, plaid, abstract and more. But it's not just all for show, Vogmask is certified to protect against airborne particles such as PM 0.3, PM 2.5, PM 10 and allergens. However, since this brand is based in San Francisco (but offers international shipping), it may take a while for you to get your hands on it.

O2O2 Facewear

The O2O2 is a mask like no other. Imagine a face mask that has the ability to clean the air you breathe, detect air quality, the status of your air filter, and possibly also information about your health. Hypothetically, data gathered from users can be used to influence legislation into advocating environmental efforts. This promising Black Mirror-esque mask is still in its development phase and you could be one of the first to try it by filling out a form on their website.

P.S. Here are our articles on how you can reduce your carbon footprint and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Being one of the most revered style influencers in Manila, actress and socialite Love Marie (also known by her screen name Heart Evangelista) has a slew of collaborations with local and international labels under her belt. But it seems like the latest one, her jewellery collection with Royal Gem, is the most personal by far. 

Heart Evangelista Love Marie Royal Gem Launch

Love Marie at the launch in Manila House

Called "The Modern Muse", this collaboration features artwork from Love Marie's Full Bloom Collection. During the launch, she shared that painting has become an outlet for her to express her inner emotions and has served as a way to destress and cope with life's challenges. "When I made my paintings, I really didn't expect anybody would pay attention. I did it for myself. It really was a dream come true (to be able to work with brands in showcasing my paintings)," she shared.

Royal Gem Modern Muse Love Marie

The Whimsy painting and Whimsy Italian Gold Pendant

Inspired by her personal experiences, the subject of the paintings are different women and each has a beautiful story behind. The piece with her favourite story is the one featured in the Muted Euphoria Cameo Pendant. "I made it into a teardrop shape to symbolise the tears of joy. This painting is really special. I was going through depression and anxiety. Originally, this painting has a lot of colours; it kind of says how I'm hopeful and I'm very happy person despite my circumstance," Love Marie said.

Royal Gem Modern Muse Love Marie

The Muted Euphoria painting and Muted Euphoria Cameo Pendant

"This is my most personal collaboration with Royal Gem thus far since I'm featuring my actual works of art,” she added. The Modern Muse collection has two selections: Cameo and Italian Gold. If you want eye-catching minimalist pieces, you'd love the Cameo pendants that are hand-carved in Queen Helmet conch shell.

Royal Gem Modern Muse Love Marie

Ponder Cameo Pendant and Tres Marias Cameo Pendant

But if you're fond of colours, the Italian Gold pieces are the way to go. All pieces in this particular selection are set in fine enamel jewellery outlined with Italian Gold.

Royal Gem Modern Muse Love Marie

The Italian Gold Modern Muse Collection

As for style tips, Love Marie believes there's no particular way to style jewellery, as long as you feel good wearing it. "It's really all about what connects with you, what you would wear every day; something you feel that will blend (with your style)." But personally, she loves layering pieces. "I like to mix sentimental and fashionable pieces. I don't wear them one by one, I like to wear them all together. It just feels different."

Perhaps that's why all pendants from the collection are designed so that they can be used for bracelets and necklaces that can be worn as they are or layered together.

Royal Gem Modern Muse Love Marie

The limited-edition 2019 Royal Gem x Love Marie Jewelry Collection: The Modern Muse is available for purchase on their website and in select Royal Gem stores.