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Unboxing: Tom Ford Beauty Lip Colour Rouge à Lèvres

Lips like sugar

Are you a lipstick lover? If so, from mattes to shimmers to sheers, you probably have one of each finish in your collection. With the series of holiday parties just around the corner, it will help to have lot of options at hand. Luckily, Tom Ford Beauty just came out with new shades to add to their Lip Colour Lipstick range.

These lipsticks are made with exotic ingredients such as soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter, and chamomilla flower oil. These give the lipsticks their creamy smooth texture that just glides like a dream on your lips when you apply it. Interested in getting one for yourself? You can get the shades Scott, Donovan, and Taylor for SGD50/~USD36.59 each.

Watch our unboxing video above to check out the swatches.

(Cover photo from: @tomfordbeauty)

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