Top 4 Spring/Summer Beauty Launches | Clozette

The Spring/Summer season calls for fun pops of colours. From bright pinks and reds to neon orange--there's a variety of colours out there to suit a variety of makeup looks. On top of that, there's the increased need to care for our skin as the sun gets harsher during the height of Summer.

In the beauty world, brands welcome the season with beautiful launches perfect for the Spring/Summer. Here are 4 beauty products that stood out to me the most! 


Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer

There is no denying this collection packs a punch! The aim of this line was to deliver full coverage on the lips while keeping it lightweight and still moisturising. In fact, it is both a lipstick and primer which allows colour to lay on the lips more evenly. 

13 out of 16 shades were chosen for the Asian market, and these colours were selected from best selling lipstick shades from markets all around the world. So you’ll definitely find one you love!

In this photo, I have swatched Grape Pop and I must say that it does indeed deliver pretty opaque colour while still feeling moisturising on the lips! 

Rouge Dior Brilliant by Dior

In case you didn’t know, Dior also came out with a new line of high-shine glosses which deliver great colour payoff. There are 9 shades in the line, all of which are beautiful and have corresponding lipstick shades. 

Here, I have 766 Rose Harpers, a strawberry red which gives the face a lovely pop of colour. I find that these kinds of strawberry reds really look lovely on people who have sallowness in the skin as it just lifts the yellow and brightens your complexion instantly!

Luscious Cosmetics Spring Bloom Palette

Luscious is a pretty new brand in the market (they’re stocked on Luxola in case you were wondering) which sells cosmetics at very affordable prices. While this isn’t technically new, it does fit into the Spring/Summer theme extremely well with beautiful bright colours in the palette. I especially love the mint green!

These shadows are pretty smooth, though they can tend to be a little powdery. You might also want to pack the lighter colours on with a flat brush as that’s the way to get the most intensity from it. Otherwise, this eyeshadow palette at SGD$26.90 makes a pretty good investment for ladies who don’t wish to spend too much  on eyeshadows but still want something of reasonable quality. For neutral girls, take note: they do have a neutral palette in their line too!

Estee Lauder Crescent White UV Protector SPF 50/PA++++

This skincare product works beautifully as a makeup base while protecting your skin from harmful rays. It absorbs very quickly into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy while also leaving a healthy dew! Best thing about this, you can wear it comfortably under makeup.



(cover photo from charleneajose)

With the summer heat upon us, that can only mean one thing: it's time to up our haircare to combat the heat and damage from the sun (and because we can't escape it: our styling tools). We don't know about you, but we definitely don't want to spend our summer worrying about hair loss and dry, damaged hair. So we recently chatted with Mark Birch, the Consulting Trichologist for Svensonand got him to answer some of our hair questions. 

As one of the world's experts in hair and scalp care, there was no other man better to talk to than Mark Birch (fun fact: he has consulted for members of Royalty and celebrities). Here's what he had to say about haircare, scalp care, and his stand on dyeing one's hair.


How does one take care of Asian hair given the region's hot and humid climate?

Mark Birch: "Asian hair tends to be straighter, coarser, and stronger than Western hair. Asians also have greasier scalp and hair. A shampoo that is more suitable for oily scalp should be used for Asian hair. In humid weather, the scalp tends to be oilier because you sweat more as the body temperature changes. The best way to maintain healthy hair is to use a suitable shampoo to wash the hair at least once a day, and to use a suitable conditioner every day. Create a good lather with your shampoo and leave shampoo on the scalp for several minutes in order for the shampoo to be effective. Always use warm water when rinsing the scalp and hair. Thorough rinsing is the most important part of washing your scalp and hair to remove excess shampoo."
There’s a big debate about how often women should wash their hair. How many times a week is healthy, without damaging the hair?

Mark Birch: "Using a suitable shampoo, you should wash your hair at least once every day. Frequent washing will not damage the hair. Instead, using the wrong products is often the main cause."

How important is scalp health for hair growth and quality?

Mark Birch: "The scalp is the foundation for hair growth and quality, which makes it even more important than the hair itself. The hair's nutrients, blood circulation and oxygenation are all affected by the scalp. While existing hair will eventually fall out, it is the hair that will be immediately replacing the fallen hairs that should be the focus, and these are affected by the scalp condition."

What signs should one look for to determine the current state of their scalp and hair?

Mark Birch: "The scalp is the foundation for hair growth and quality, which makes it even more important than the hair itself. The hair's nutrients, blood circulation and oxygenation are all affected by the scalp. While existing hair will eventually fall out, it is the hair that will be immediately replacing the fallen hairs that should be the focus, and these are affected by the scalp condition."

What are good hair health habits to practice to prevent hair loss?

Mark Birch: "Shampoo hair every day using a suitable product suited for your scalp. Eating a sensible, balanced diet. Minimising use of hairdryers and other mechanical appliances. Follow a good hair care regime, i.e. using suitable hair products for specific hair and scalp type. Exercise and sleep regularly--in general, a good state of health. Tiredness leads to weaker hair in the same way that lack of rest will result in tired skin. Ensure there is enough oxygenation for your hair and build up Vitamin D through at least 2-3 hours exposure in the sun every week."

Are there any hairstyles in particular that women should stay away from to help reduce hair fall?

Mark Birch: "If you're suffering from hair loss, you should not be going for a perm or straightening your hair. Avoid using hairspray and other hair junk cosmetics. Always be gentle on the hair and keep the scalp healthy. There is not much difference between long or short hairstyles but rather it is important to maintain a clean scalp."

Is it advisable to dye one’s hair ever so often? How can women keep coloured hair healthy?

Mark Birch: "Dyeing the hair will not cause hair loss. It is common for most women in their thirties and older to dye their hair every 4 to 6 weeks. However, it is the harsh chemicals in the hair dye that lead to hair loss problems. Instead of doing DIY dyeing, visit a professional colourist. You can keep your coloured hair healthy by looking after the scalp and using good conditioner treatments. Coloured hair tends to be drier and weaker as bonds which hold the polypeptide chains in the hair are being broken down. To keep your hair healthy, prevent splitting and help the colour to last longer, use a good conditioner every day and perform regular treatment on your scalp."



A legendary makeup product and a must-have for all women looking for a loyal beauty partner for every occasion, CHANEL's Rouge Coco lipsticks have been revamped with the latest release of its Ultra Hydrating range. The multifaceted lipstick that embodies sensuality, joy, and radiance is re-formulated for even more gentleness, comfort, radiance, and melt-away quality. 

It comes in 29 new shades with hydraboost complex that ensures lips are dressed in a supple comfortable veil while intensely hydrated and nourished. The result: plump, smooth lips. Perfect for any occasion, whether it be work, brunch-date, or a formal affair, CHANEL's Rouge Coco promises exquisite colour and texture for a truly luxurious feel. 

Clozetter, Pauline Thum, recently got to give it a try and created three signature looks for the weekend. Armed with the colours 416 Coco, 434 Mademoiselle, and 444 Gabrielle, here are the looks she came up with! 


Look #1: Keeping It Simple

"The first look from the range was done with the 434 Mademoiselle, one of my all time favourite colours as it's slightly mauve with a rosy-nude undertone. I love this lip colour as it can be carried with minimal make up or with a slightly smokey eye look. It's a my-lips-but-better, with the extra shine brightening up a bare minimal-makeup look.

I love the new texture as it felt nourishing and glides on the lips easily, with a texture almost similar to a lip balm but with amazing colour pay-off. It also has a beautiful plumping effect that doesn't feel harsh at all on my lips. It contains ingredients such as Mimosa, jojoba, and sunflower plant butter which help create the added plumping effect."

Look #2: Casual Day Out

"For the second look, I opted for a brighter colour perfect for a casual weekend outing. I used 416 Coco lip colour with a light makeup base to even out my skintone and a thin application of black eyeliner and mascara for a fuss-free eye look. 

The 416 Coco shade is slightly orangey-pink which suits fair Asian skintones and adds a pop of colour to the face without being too over-the-top. It's an easy colour to pair with your everyday makeup look."

Look #3: Bold & Intense

"For my final look, I decided to go bold with the 444 Gabrielle. I have always been pretty cautious with red lipsticks and reserve it for days when I want to be a little bolder and daring with my makeup. However, you can never go wrong with a red CHANEL lip colour, so I wasn't at all surprised with how much I loved this lip colour on me.

The colour is pretty intense and the texture is very smooth and glides so easily on the lips. Its shine and intense colour definitely add a touch of glamour to any look--very luxurious! This is a colour perfect for attending events, weddings, or a night-out with my girl friends."


Overall, CHANEL has impressed yet again with this ultra hydrating range of their iconic Rouge Coco lipsticks. There's a reason why this lipstick line has been a mainstay in the makeup collection of beauty lovers everywhere--it is luxe and hydrating with a beautiful colour range that suits a variety of skintones and makeup looks.