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5 Photogenic Shaved Ice You'd Want To Eat This Summer

Cool down for the summer

Summer's here, and so is shaved ice. The popularity is increasing year by year, and shaved ice is also evolving year by year. Simple shaved ice is also Japanese and beautiful, but there are many photogenic shaved ice for sale. This time, “Ice Queen” Asako Harada carefully introduces shaved ice that is not only delicious but also visually appealing!

Sweetness Gingko Tree

Sweetness Gingko Tree

There is a retro-style coffee shop with a large ginkgo tree on one corner of the shopping street in Kita Shinagawa. That is why the name of the store is “Sweetness Ginkgo Tree”.

The owner, Mr. Ima, is running this coffee shop alone. Not only various drinks, but also kishimen and toast, there are many unusual toppings, and shaved ice stands out from other shops. Probably the most combined menu at shaved ice shops I know. You can freely customize various materials such as powder, liquid, cream, pie, etc. by category, and you can make original shaved ice. However, those who go for the first time will be troubled.

This has hydrangea, matcha cream, coconut powder, coffee powder, condensed milk, mint syrup, and other complex flavours. I can't imagine the taste! However, when you eat it, it will surprisingly all come together and melt into your tongue without any discomfort.

And after all, handmade hydrangea jelly will inspire you. The jelly imitating the petals has a gradation, and the beauty of the hydrangea is the result!

Hiyaya Pics

Hiyaya Pics

Hiyaya Pics, located in the “Jizo Building”, near the Kichijoji Station, where the name of Jizo is enshrined, is a popular ramen shop that soon became a popular store in the summer of 2015.

This time, we will introduce both photogenic shaved ice with a large impact. The first is “melon field”. The attraction here is the jelly lined up of small melon balls. Here, the gorgeous shaved ice like a vegetable field, represented by a hectare, is a delicate piece of melon gently wrapped in fresh melon that has been manually cut out one by one. The base syrup is melon sauce that is made after an order is received. Two types of red melon and blue melon are used for one shaved ice. On this day, red melon balls are added to blue melon syrup, and red melon sherbet and melon jelly are sparkling. It is a melon-zukuri dish, and you can enjoy the succulent melon flavour until the end.

Hiyaya Pics

The second is “Premium American Cherry Rare Cheese”. Here too, carefully-drawn American cherries are lined up like vegetables in the field. The base is cherry rare cheese syrup and the homemade American cherry sherbet. Thick sherbet with moderate softness, moderate acidity and sweetness of cherry rare cheese, and fresh American cherry. It is a gorgeous shaved ice with a variety of textures. Everything is handmade, so you need to get up early to eat for sure!



A long line for numbered tickets early in the morning to eat the shaved ice of the master idea called the human national treasure of the shaved ice world. That's the everyday landscape, just the shaved ice sacred place "Jigen".

In addition to the classic menus such as Matcha milk and Wasanbon lemons, there is a wide variety of “Imaido menus” that are sometimes added from the middle. Among them, the “Ruleum An Fruit” written in French for some reason is most unusual. Translated literally, mayonnaise into vegetables and fruits.

The appearance of vegetables on a flat plate with a variety of colours is like a dish of a hotel appetizer! Vegetables and fruits that change from time to time, such as bananas, broccoli, apples, and tomatoes. Speaking of ice, the lemon milk yoghurt, which is very popular here, is used as a base. The mayonnaise is a little bit of lemon from the top, accented with pink pepper and black pepper.

“Jigen” where you can meet the amazing taste. Have a pilgrimage to the shaved ice holy ground this summer.

Asakusa Namikaya

Asakusa Namikaya

“Asakusa Naniwaya” is located in a street a little away from Asakusa and Kaminarimon. It is a taiko-yaki of Iccho-yaki that was warmly divided from the “Azabu Namiya Sohonten”, which is counted as one of the three largest taiyakis in Tokyo. It is always crowded with tourists and regular customers for delicious taiyaki.

The same goes for shaved ice in the store. In summer, there is a line at the store. No matter how much you want, you can't taste delicious authentic homemade bakery. A variety of menus using strawberries such as simple ice milk azuki bean, matcha azuki bean and “Ayayake” with strawberry milk azuki bean are loved by young and old men and women. Among them, we will introduce shaved ice that does not use firewood.

Of course, the salmon is delicious, but the shaved ice created by the owner's inquisitiveness to “cute” is one of the attractions. This “Miruku and various fruits” is the most obvious.

There are plenty of seasonal fruits on the homemade milk ice that is shaped into a retro container. Fruits carefully cut one by one are too much to eat. The watermelon is the main thing at this time. Rabbit-cut apples are finely crafted with kiwi seeds and eyes. In addition to the top, the fruit in the bottom is lined along the inside of the container so that it looks beautiful when viewed from the outside, and then ice is served.

Eat soft milk fluffy ice and fresh fruit together to make you feel nostalgic and happy. Warm shop staff and cool and delicious shaved ice. It seems to be an indispensable spot for taking a walk in Asakusa.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo China Room

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

From the dynamic luxury hotel “Grand Hyatt Tokyo” towering in the hustle and bustle of the city, the coolest sweets of this summer are here. Among them, the Chinese restaurant “China Room” offers special shaved ice that started in 2010 and is offered throughout the year.

Parfait that combines apricot tofu and sensage jelly with fruits is also popular, but here I recommend shaved ice! Speaking of the king of fruit, after all, it is mango. The China Room uses only fresh mangoes carefully selected from around the world for each season. The extraordinary shaved ice with a thick mango sauce, spider web, and fresh mango on ice that has been hardened with mango and thinly layered like a robe will make you mesmerised.

Mango is used in the ice itself, so mango can be eaten from anywhere! While feeling that it does not melt on the fluffy taste and lightly on the tongue, the rich mango flavour comes out from the nose and makes you happy.

The high-class food spider web can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect and has a nice synergistic effect. An additional mango sauce with tapioca is also an accent on the texture. The delicious mango sauce combined with the cool ice makes it unbearable!

Shaved ice cannot be ordered separately, so please try lighter “Chinese Room” dishes and enjoy the luxurious shaved ice for dessert.

This article first appeared in Glam Japan.