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Sometimes, all we really need is a smile. It can transform our look, make someone else feel happy, and brighten our faces. But with a gorgeous smile often comes the pressure of having perfect, white teeth! And did you know that some of the regular, every day food we eat can actually turn them yellow?

So if you want to keep your smile bright and white, read below for the list of top foods and beverages that can stain your teeth!



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With the exception of strawberries, richly pigmented fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries can seriously pack a punch when it comes to staining your teeth. Their juices contain acidic components that can harm tooth enamel, leading them to turn yellow. But if you love these anti-oxidant superfoods, just be sure to brush your teeth after with Closeup Diamond Attraction to remove any trace of berry stains, and visibly whiten your teeth from the first brush and as you continue using it!


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Surprisingly, tea stains more than coffee! Who knew, right? And it’s all because of an acid called tannins that is more prevalent in tea than in a hot cup of coffee. If you don’t want to give up this comforting drink, though, opt for herbal or white teas as green and black tea are a lot more staining.


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Besides increasing the chances of cavities, constantly eating candy will permanently stain your teeth because of all the fun, artificial colours they come in! While most of the artificial colours may come off when your brush your teeth, if you eat them all the time, they're going to slowly turn your teeth yellow as the colours build-up.


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Another teeth-staining culprit is soda. Yes. Your beloved Coca Cola is high in sugar and acid, which can destroy and ruin healthy teeth! But it's not just Coke, though. Other sodas and their diet versions can cause discolouration in your teeth too. So the next time you approach that vending machine for a bottle of pop, think twice!

Red Wine

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A glass of wine every day may be healthy, but drinking too much of this can stain your smile because just like tea and coffee, this beverage contains tannins! So if you want to continue drinking this without the side effects of a harder-to-remove stain, you can use Closeup Diamond Attraction to help remove discolouration and give you a whiter smile from the first brush!


Know of other foods and beverages that stain teeth? Share it with us in the comments below!



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We’re not going to lie, the process of creating an intricate and perfect eyeshadow look is fun and can make us feel glamorous. But then, there are those days we wish we could just rub one colour on our eyes and head out the door!

Thank the makeup gods then that “wear-alone” eyeshadows were created – shades that are just so versatile and universal that they don’t need another layer of colour added to them. So, if you like quick eye looks that take minimal effort to do, keep scrolling down for our favourite wear-alone eyeshadows!


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in "Pink Sparkle"

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Who doesn’t love a good pink shadow? For days when you just want to instantly brighten up your eyes, go for the Bobbi Brown Shadow Stick in Pink Sparkle. It’s a soft pastel shade that will give your peepers a soft shimmer that won’t crease or stray!

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in “Tough As Taupe”

(photo from feliciacheong)

While everyone and their mother is in love with Bad To The Bronze, we just can’t get enough of Mabelline Color Tattoo’s Tough As Taupe! On days when you can’t be bothered with eye contouring, this one will do it in one easy step! Its matte finish is perfect for all looks, and its neutral-deep shade will instantly give your lids a faux crease!

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshdaow in “Dione”

(photo from silverkis)

A subtle champagne shade when applied dry, but a gorgeous bronze when applied wet? That’s the NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow for you! Dione is your typical metallic champagne colour, but when its wet, it darkens up its hue to give a more bronze effect on your lids!

ColourPop Shadows + Pigments in “Blaze”

(photo from ideastolife)

If there was an award for the perfect bronze eyeshadow, it would definitely go to ColourPop’s Blaze! This metallic formula will easily blend on your lids for a rich and bold look for the day, and for the night, simply applying it on your lower lash line will give you that smokey and sultry finish!

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in “Cocoa”

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Do you blend your shadows with your fingers, rather than your makeup brushes? Then the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Cocoa will be your new best friend! This compact eyeshadow will suit all skin tones as well as fit into any purse, so you can apply your eyeshadow anytime, anywhere!

Stila Eyeshadow in “Kitten”

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Stila’s Kitten Eyeshadow will give your lids an elegant wet look from its opaque, metallic finish. This shade can be the new go-to for all skin tones because of its warm peach shade that will look like a sheer wash of colour for those with lighter skin, to a brightening shade for those with darker skin!

MAC Eye Shadow in “Woodwinked”

(photo from LUMINNEJ)

If you think this is just another bronze eyeshadow, think again! MAC’s Woodwinked changes the ‘bronze’ game with its red undertones, creating a more golden look that can’t be beaten by anything else. Wear it all over your lids, on your crease, or on your tear ducts, and it will still look gorgeous.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in “Cocoa Bear”

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Do you love your warm eyeshadows? Then the Cocoa Bear Makeup Geek Eyeshadow is the one you need to add in your collection! Its matte finish and red undertone will softly make your eyes stand out while creating a glamorous smokey effect that’s suitable for any time of the day!


What are your favourite eyeshadows to wear alone? Share them with us in the comment section below!



Grunge, punk, goth, emo—some people say that these are so 2005. But who are we kidding? For some of us, indulging in these subcultures’ ways and fashion never truly stopped.

With all the mainstream trends hitting us here and there, read up to refresh your memory on how to go “alternative” and reawaken your inner rebel.


Fringes and Bold Dyes

(photo from CelineChiam)

With all those galaxy and mermaid hair trends going on, what sets the “alternative” hairstyle apart is edge. And no, you don’t have to go full on one-eyed fringe-mode circa 2000s emo-punk. The modern way to rock the "alternative" style is to go for edgier, messier cuts and dye your hair in unconventional colours.

Eyeliner. Lots of it. 

The great thing about alternative style is that you don’t have to be that skilled in drawing winged tips. Kohl eyeliner would be your best friend since pulling off this look requires a lot of smudging to give your eyes that smokey rockstar vibe.

Dark Lips 

Step aside nude lippies! Dark plums, deep reds, and even black is the way to go. Some might say that going bold on both your eyes and lips is a bad thing; but sometimes it's great to stray from the norm.

Black Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoes. 

“I’ll stop wearing black if they invent a darker colour”-- if you’ve said this repeatedly for as long as you could remember, then you’re already one step ahead! Throw in a red plaid button down to add a splash of colour to bring dimension to your OOTD.

Go subtle on the accessories. 

Don't drown your look with accessories. Simple studded earrings, a thin-chained necklace or a couple of knuckle rings are good enough to complete your look. 


Do you have any more tips on rocking the “alternative” style? Let us know in the comments below!