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5 Signs You're In A Toxic Work Environment

Keep your wellbeing in check

You spend a big chunk of your time at work, and the environment you work in can have a hold on your personal wellbeing. That goes without saying, but you might be surprised at how often we disregard signs of negativity in our work environment. If you lie in bed at night feeling anxious about your unreplied emails or dreading waking up the next day for work, it’s time to stop ignoring those signs. Here are some possible indications that your workplace is toxic.

Your boss doesn’t like you

A person conversing with her boss

No one likes getting barked at constantly. A bad relationship with your superior can quickly go south and can make it very hard to do your job. If you can’t communicate with your boss without getting yelled at, it’s time to address it privately, or if you absolutely have to, look for another job.

The office is cliquey

An office clique like these co-workers laughing and working together could be a sign of a toxic work environment

You can’t expect to be BFFs with all your co-workers, but it’s important to have people at work you can confide in when things get too stressful. If you don’t get invited out for lunch or everyone’s laughing at an inside joke you’re not a part of, it’ll feel like you’re in primary school again and your friends just told you they "don’t friend you." Don’t wallow in self-pity — try initiating conversations, and inviting them to join you for lunch. If not, keep looking for another group of colleagues to surround yourself with.

You see employees come and go

A half-opened laptop in an empty workspace

Wait, what happened to Linda? And who’s this new girl sitting at her desk? If people are entering and leaving the company faster than you can keep up with, then something’s not quite right. Lousy benefits, non-existent career advancements or nasty bosses are common reasons why employees don’t stay for long. You’d want to keep a lookout for these signs especially if you’re new at work. 

The gossip is getting out of control

A group or co-workers laughing together

Everyone loves a good gossip over lunch, but juicy rumours spread fast, and within hours, the whole floor can be talking about Daniel’s big fat bonus — even if it’s not one bit true. While you can’t find an office in the world that doesn’t participate in some form of gossip, it shouldn’t be the only thing your colleagues are obsessed about.

Everyone’s playing the blame game

An unhappy person pointing to a laptop screen

The concept of refusing to take ownership for mistakes exists everywhere — in politics, in school, and definitely in the workplace. It’s easy to blame someone for a downfall at work, but it does nothing for productivity. Encourage your co-workers to work together in rectifying the issue instead of pointing fingers.

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