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Track Pants And Heels: How To Ace This Celebrity Trend

Glammed up athleisure

White shirt and blue jeans, cat eyes and red lips — there are fashion and beauty trends that go well together. But nowadays, with the big twists and turns in the ever-changing fashion and beauty communities, we find ourselves loving unimaginable combos that somehow click together so well, just like this new trend celebs are currently sporting: track pants and heels. 

Now, we all know that athleisure is already a thing. But our fave celebs like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Lily Aldridge are matching two pieces of different nature together, making a trend that surprisingly works so well with its combination of comfort and style. Not to mention that it's easy to cop the look, too!

Want to know how to ace this trend? Keep on reading as we show you our fave ways to sport this look.

Classic x classic

Everything has something in common with something. The combination of the classic red-and-white on the track pants and the classic sleek leather shoes adorned with tassels give the perfect contrast of both colour and style that somehow works like a charm.

Playing with textures and patterns

Track pants are known for their easy-to-move-in material that's smooth and cool to the touch. That's why, with a little bit of layering and playing with textures, it's easy to camouflage it into an outfit that works for the office.

Faux denim

Jeggings are still a thing, but track pants dressed up as faux denim are soon to steal their crown. Not only are these much more comfortable and breathable than jeggings, you can easily dress them up or down depending on the occasion without anyone batting an eyelash!

One switch wonder

If sneaks can be worn with dresses and skirts, then why can't heels be worn with an entire gym outfit? Match your sports bra and track pants with an oversized jacket and your favourite heeled shoes and you got yourself the perfect travel OOTD look. This can work well, too, if you want to mix up your weekend wear while having enough room for both comfort and style. 

Sporty chic

Got old track pants that you've outgrown but still can't let go of? No worries. Ankle-high pants have been making rounds again recently and you can style your bum trousers like so. Match them with an oversized boyfriend shirt and a pair of low chunky heels for all around chicness. 

(Cover photo from: @catchingcouture)

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