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Wondering where you should travel next? That's quite understandable — with a bunch of airfare promos popping up every now and then, every place has become pretty much accessible. But as with everything, there are some places that would better suit your tastes than others. Let us help you pick your next destination by narrowing down what’s best for you based on your personality and behaviour on social media.


Inspirers: Shibuya, Japan

People crossing the intersection in Shibuya, Japan

The inspirers are always the first to show us the next big thing in everything — whether it be in fashion, beauty, food, or wellness. Always keeping everyone up-to-date with their picture-perfect posts, the inspirers are what most aspire to be. So what destination is going to be more perfect for them if not Shibuya? With places like Harajuku filled with colourful street art and fashion, Shibuya is the trend hub you need to visit.

Ghosts: Siem Reap, Cambodia

The ancient structure of Angkor Wat framed by tall coconut trees

There are always those who have an account but are reluctant to join in the activities on social media for whatever reason they might have. No judgment though — you do you! Plus, we understand how the online world can be toxic at times. So for those who seek quiet and just want to enjoy life as it is, then maybe heading off to Siem Reap might just be the right thing for you. With its ancient temples like the Angkor Wat and its breath-taking sunsets, you’ll be given your much-needed peace and relaxation.


Lurkers: Taipei, Taiwan

A view of Taipei 101 from the mountains

Taipei is best for those who love the simple joys of just observing. So for the social media lurkers who are silent yet oddly updated on online’s latest, this is the place to be. Aside from Taipei 101, the city has tons of attractions perfect for sight-seeing like the Longshan Temple and Lin An Tai Historical House. Food is also abundant and cheap in Taipei, so being silent isn’t an issue as you’ll all be busy stuffing your mouths with delectable dishes.

Devotees: Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand's Grand Palace with its ancient and golden structures

Of course, who wouldn’t forget those who can’t take their eyes off their screens? If you’re one of those who need this online detox, then you need to visit Bangkok, where you wouldn’t run out of things to do. Everything’s here — from shopping hubs like Siam Square to historical sites such as the Grand Palace — you’ll surely be occupied by interesting activities all day long that it wouldn’t even cross your mind to check your phone. 



No closet is complete without at least one graphic shirt in it. This comfy piece is everyone’s go-to for a fuss-free look. But t-shirts aren’t only best in nailing that lazy day outfit; if you’re also going for a specific style, whether it be sophisticated or punk, you can easily utilize these versatile pieces to suit your needs. Running out of ideas on how to style the top? Check out how the ladies from the Clozette Community make these handy pieces fit their outfits to a T.


Cutesy Classic

A woman wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and a red bomber jacket stands by a glass door.

(Photo from: Limmariane)



Although it’s Monday and it’s the start of another busy week, your day will surely be filled with excitement. Beauty junkies will especially find delight in today’s news roundup. With beauty brands and new fashion stores being launched everywhere, there’s more things for you to look forward to aside from the end of the week. From the Ulta x Marvel’s Avengers new makeup collab to the backlash on Fenty Beauty’s latest highlighter, catch it all here.

The Ulta Beauty x Marvel’s Avengers Makeup collection is finally here to save the day

This month, Marvel fans are in for a beauty treat. With Avengers: Endgame set to hit the theatres near the end of this month, Marvel also collaborated with Ulta Beauty and released a new makeup collection to celebrate the epic finale. Feel super and let their line-up of palettes and lipsticks bring extra power to your day. 

Fenty Beauty’s new highlighters are being called offensive

Fenty Beauty recently announced on Instagram their three new Killawatt highlighters. Though their shades exceed expectations, their names most certainly don’t as one of the highlighters was named ‘Geisha chic’. Initially celebrated for inclusivity, Rihanna’s beauty brand is now being called out online for being racist and ignoring the full weight of the Geisha tradition. In response, the brand has now removed the said post, but whether or not they’ll rename or recall the product, only time will tell.



All-new brand Grace Beauty is making cosmetics disability accessible

Since we’re on the topic of inclusivity, we’re happy to tell you that at least one brand is nailing it today. New makeup brand Grace Beauty is launching a new line of add-ons you can attach to mascara wands to make gripping them and using them much easier for all. Their tools are now available for pre-order to be shipped worldwide in June. 

Paragon Level 3 is taking style to a whole new level

A storefront in Paragon level 3 selling home fragrances and candles.

Paragon Singapore officially launches a new retail and lifestyle concept on level three, bringing a transformative shopping experience with its curated brands and free-flow open market-style expression. To celebrate the launch, Paragon offers fun and exciting activities for the month with their FASHION & MUSIC Photography Studio and Creative Weekends. Head on and enjoy their exclusive shopping offers until 21 April.  

You can finally get your hands on Sari Lazaro’s Sunrise x Sunset collection

A woman in a off-shoulder blouse with golden accents and white pants.

Filipino designer Sari Lazaro is releasing her new Sunrise x Sunset collection, previously seen last September 2018 in the Demavinssy showroom in Paris during the Spring Summer Fashion Week. The collection takes inspiration from the luminescence of the sky during dawn and dusk. Her breathtakingly dainty pieces will be available in Lanai Manila from 4 to 7 April and soon on her website

(Cover photo from: @ultabeauty)