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These Travel Destinations Will Unleash The Nature Lover In You

For the love of trees

We're just a few weeks shy from the holidays so it's that time of the year again to start planning your year-end trips! If you haven't had anything settled down yet, we've got the perfect suggestion to have you break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and make sure you can recharge and unwind to the fullest during your break — be one with nature.  Ahead, here are travel destinations that will unleash the nature lover in you. 

Wisteria Tunnels in Japan

One of the main attractions in Japan is the sakura or more commonly known as cherry blossoms. But due to the short amount of time these flowers are in bloom, it can get pretty crowded during the time of its peak. This is why if you're looking for another place in the country to make you feel like you're transported into a dreamy wonderland, searching for the various Wisteria parks in Japan and basking over the gorgeous colours of the Fuji trees around the area are the next best thing. Tunnels and tunnels of vines, trees, and flowers of vibrant colours will definitely satisfy your aesthetic. 

Nami Island in South Korea

Best visited during fall, feel like you're the heroine of your favourite K-drama in this must-go destination in South Korea. The beautiful golden leaves provide an atmosphere that is truly breathtaking. It'll make you appreciate taking slow and peaceful walks that will refresh your senses. 

Dragon's blood trees in Socotra Island

If you find yourself wandering around Yemen, these trees from Socotra Island will make you feel like you're in Alice in Wonderland. Resembling massive mushrooms carefully shaped and crafted by the wonders of nature, an added element of fantasy is derived from the red sap it produces, thus giving it its name. 

Angel Oak in South Carolina

Ever dreamed of wood nymphs and mystical woodland creatures that live in the heart of the forest? This beautiful oak tree, with branches spread out like angel wings, will give you that same feeling. This 1,500-year-old tree is a sight in its own, proving that nature, when left alone, is as beautiful and mesmerising as ever.

Beech tree tunnel in Ireland

This beautiful tunnel of branches and leaves will make you feel like you're going through a passage from reality to a wondrous fantasy world. The colours are perfect during fall and winter, leaving you with a picturesque image that will surely stay in your memory for the longest time. 

Blue Jacaranda in South America

Just like the cherry blossoms in Japan, the Blue Jacarandas offer a captivating sight emerging in the normalcy of city life in South America. These purple trees grow even more beautiful during sunset, as the red of the sky complements the colour of the flowers and the leaves, making it a breathtaking experience in the midst of streets and buildings. 

(Cover photo from: @henddryyadhisna)

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