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Travel Documentaries On Netflix That Will Spark Your Wanderlust

Because the travel bug bite is contagious

It's irrefutable that everyone has the desire to travel. We'd probably be booking that flight now if it weren't for so many limitations. Travelling is a great learning experience for growth no matter what age you're in. So if you're looking for a sign to finally hit that 'book' button, we're giving you one. Watch these travel documentaries and you'll be itching to wander.

Street Food 


Travel Documentaries Street Food Netflix

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Trust us, whether or not you're a foodie, you'll enjoy travel documentaries that centre on food. As the title suggests, the first volume of the docu-series focuses on flavourful dishes flourishing in Asia's streets. But aside from taking you to a gastronomic journey, it also shares heartwarming stories about the origins of the dishes and their auteurs. We highly recommend the episodes on Izakaya Toyo in Osaka, Japan and Smartfish in Chiayi, Taiwan. 

Dark Tourist


Dark Tourist Netflix Travel Documentary

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Love places filled with mystery and macabre? Dark Tourist is the doc for you if you're quite an eccentric traveller.  Host David Farrier brings his viewers to peculiar sites from all over the globe. Through the doc, he relives the places' histories. He also recounts real-life terrors through the eyes of locals. 'Faux illegal border crossing' and 'visiting a haunted forest' should not be on your travel bucketlist. But this will make you rethink storytelling when it comes to your next adventure. Travel documentaries like these are hard to come by, we're telling you!

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father Netflix Travel Documentary

Most adults prefer to travel alone or with friends. However, actor and stand-up comedian Jack Whitehall reminds us that travelling with family delivers unique experiences. Along with his father, Michael, they explore different cuisines, cultures, and adventure trips. The fun part? Their different perspectives throughout the trips. With places like Phuket, Kiev, and Romania as the backdrop, you'd definitely want to book a flight with your parents after giving this travel documentary a watch. 


Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father Netflix Travel Documentary

We often travel to get away from the city — or more specifically, our own city. Visiting other countries for a glimpse of their daily hustle and bustle is a whole new narrative. This makes iconic cities inexcusable from being great travel destinations. From Rome to London to Paris and more, Metropolis focuses on what makes each of these mega-cities worthy of a visit. If you're a total urbanite who's not into adventure trips or traditional walking tours, this documentary is for you. 

Pedal The World

Pedal The World Netflix Travel Documentary

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Ever wished you can just explore the world on your bike? Felix Starck will make you want to with his 18,000-kilometer bicycle journey across 22 amazing countries. He defies limitations and makes his way into streets, highways, terrains, and interstate roads in the pursuit of immersive travel experience. Plus, he gives a compelling narrative of love, loss, and learning through his interactions with the world's most interesting locals. 

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