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A special day for your loved one coming up soon? If you still have no idea what to get them, don’t worry! Everyone seems into travelling nowadays, so for a change, gift them something they can use when they do. We’ve compiled a list of accessories that will make every trip enjoyable for every person in your life. These fail-safe travel gift ideas will surely bring smiles on their faces no matter what the occasion they may be celebrating.


For dad’s wine collection

A champagne case one of the most unique travel gift ideas

RIMOWA Champagne Case, price unavailable (special order only)

This is perhaps the most unique out of all the travel gift ideas one can have. If your dad’s a wine connoisseur and never leaves a place without bringing home a local spirit, then he’ll surely appreciate this present. RIMOWA’s Champagne Case can only house one bottle, but it will surely give its fragility the protection it needs during the flight. 

For mum’s sightseeing walks

A pair of espadrille is only one of the great travel gift ideas for mom

Tory Burch Ines Espadrille in New Cream Gold, price unavailable

Ensure that your mum is travelling in comfort. Get her a pair of flats so her soles won’t be sore after a day of touring around the city. The Ines Espadrille from Tory Burch’s Spring/Summer Collection is perfect for her. Because it’s in a plain cream colour, it’s elegant and easy to pair with any of her outfits.


For your sister’s beach trip

A blue low-neck one piece swimsuit

Eres Baignade Holidays swimsuit, price unavailable

Before the season ends, make your sister’s summer beach trip come true. Help her pack by gifting her a swimsuit that would give her body the support it needs. Something like Eres’ Baignade Holidays swimsuit will do the trick. With its simple and structured silhouette, it would be the piece to make her trip to the sea a stylish and fun one.

The only travel bag your brother will need

A huge dark graffiti-print backpack

Onitsuka Tiger EMB Backpack, SGD174.30 (

Whatever kind of traveller your brother might be, it doesn’t matter. This Onitsuka Tiger EMB Backpack is suitable for any trip. The bag can be brought as is for his backpacking trip or held by the side as a duffle bag for his weekend getaway. He need not worry about storage because this graffiti-printed backpack has all the room to fit the necessities and more.


A handy-dandy accessory for your BFF

A beige silk animal print scarf

Marks & Spencer Pure Silk Animal Print Scarf, SGD65.90 (

Out of all travel gift ideas, there’s nothing else your bestie will appreciate more than a scarf. Scarves like the Mark & Spencer’s Pure Silk Animal Print Scarf are versatile accessories. They’re useful for switching up outfits and providing cover for cool weather. Plus, it’s so lightweight, it would barely be a burden to their baggage. 

The one to beat all travel gift ideas for your music-loving SO

A pair of foldable black wireless headphones

JBL LIVE 400BT Headphones Black, SGD169

Lastly, your special someone will enjoy their travels more if they could listen to some catchy tunes. Help them do that with quality headphones like the JBL LIVE 400BT. They’re wireless and foldable so they’re easily stored and retrieved. What’s more is that these headphones are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so they can find their favourite songs, get directions, or arrange their itinerary on the go.


Your loved ones not keen on travelling? Let them know of its health benefits.



When it comes to jewellery, it doesn't always have to be big in order to make a statement. Small, even delicate-looking pieces are timeless and have a way of capturing one's attention depending on their details. More often than not, these items tell a story or hold a meaning of special significance. Here, the girls of the Community show how subtle charms can make for a pretty sublime impact. 

In the Lacework

diamond floral earrings

(Photo from: deyeenjazmine)



Putting together an outfit to wear for when you're riding public transportation is a challenge in itself. Dealing with the crowded trains, chasing bus schedules and so on means that you need to dress up in a way that won't restrict movement. More often than not, we choose the very comfy but quite plain tee and denim combo. But believe us when we say that the chicness factor in our outfits doesn't have to be compromised when we're commuting. There are plenty of ensembles that are as cute as they are functional. Ahead, some stylish commuter outfit ideas from the Clozette Community that you can easily cop. 

Wear a bold third piece

Stylish Commuter Outfits

(Photo from: qiyunz)

There's no easier way to upgrade the tee and denim look than to add eye-catching outerwear to an otherwise plain ensemble. Bonus points if you match it with the print on your shirt like Clozette Ambassador Qi Yun! Add some statement earrings and go for textured pants or shoes and you'll get a much more interesting outfit in an instant.

Choose cute loose fabrics

Stylish Commuter Outfits

(Photo from: karenskierrific)

Loose tops with unique features like chiffon sleeves, cute buttons or a nice print is a great option for commuter fashion. Take it from Clozette Ambassador Karen and match it with a pair of semi-loose pants that has a fitted hem to streamline your look so you won't lose your figure despite wearing various loose pieces.

Consider rompers

Stylish Commuter Outfits

(Photo from: Lingwei)

Yes, there are some disadvantages to wearing rompers like the need to bare it all whenever you take a trip to the loo. But there's no denying that it's a comfortable and super chic outfit that's very easy to slip into in the morning. The best thing about rompers is that it even looks better when paired with sensible footwear. It's truly a stylish commuter outfit! Do it like Clozette Ambassador Lingwei and look for a single colour romper with an elegant cut.

Go for a maxi dress

Stylish Commuter Outfits

(Photo from: axdelwen)

You will be surprised by how comfortable maxi dresses are for commuting. They're not restricting and are very breathable so you can stay cool even with the high humidity. Be inspired by Clozette Ambassador Adele and match an ethereal maxi dress with a sophisticated pair of slingbacks for maximum comfort and style.