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Travelling is all about making good memories — and the best way to preserve them is by sharing your snaps on your ‘gram! But capturing breath-taking sights is easier said than done. Still, if you’re keen on building up your travel feed, then start off with these travel Instagram tips. It takes practice, but we guarantee you, you’ll achieve your #travelgoals in no time.

Do your research

Laptop, camera, and other gadgets on a white wooden table

Researching is an integral part of travelling, and it helps even more if taking travel photos is a huge priority for you. For beginners, one of the easiest travel Instagram tips to try out is to visit Instagrammable places during the trip. Because these places are already picture-perfect as it is, taking shots of these can help build up your ‘gram if you’re just starting out. Look for pegs as well, and take these inspirations to mind when you’re finally capturing the scene.

Bring a camera you’re comfortable with

A person capturing photos of a street with a smartphone

You don’t really need to have high-end photography equipment to get the best shots. It doesn’t matter what your go-to camera is — even just your smartphone would do, as long as you know how to use it well. So before you even leave, check out all your camera’s modes and settings. Practice with each of them so when the time comes, you’d know which setting to go for in different conditions.

Enjoy a place at your own pace

One of the most important Travel Instagram tip is to enjoy the scenery like these travellers enjoying the view atop a mountain

Enjoying is perhaps one of the most important travel Instagram tips. If taking great travel photos is your goal, allot time for it during your trip. Before you take your shots, explore your destination first. Understand and feel the story of the place to better encapsulate the experience in your snaps. Don’t rush; keep things natural.

Experiment with angles and composition

Woman taking a photo of ancient ruins

Don’t just take photos while standing straight. Feel free to crouch down low or find a higher position to get interesting angles. See what works best to give you unique shots of your destination. Not sure how to compose the elements in your frame? When in doubt, remember the rule of thirds. Don’t put your subject (or yourself) at the centre, and instead align it on the left or right grid lines instead. If you’re taking landscape photos, keep the horizon straight on the bottom third. Make it easier by simply turning on your camera’s grid feature.

Play with colours

Woman standing before lanterns

(Photo from: yuniqueyuni)

Colours also help your shots become more interesting too. According to a study done by Pantone Color Institute, certain colours can make your travel mementoes more engaging. But more than that, these hues can also capture the vibe of the place you’re visiting. So when you travel, be mindful of places or objects that have similar tones for a more cohesive post later on. If you want to take it up a notch, try and stick to a palette for a single trip. This makes a more eye-catching feed and can be done with a bit of editing and curating. Or if you're not yet confident with your editing skills, try wearing outfits that complement the place instead.

Don’t skip the post-process

A person editing a photo on a laptop

Speaking of editing, doing this to your photos isn’t cheating. In fact, it’s an important part of every photographer’s process. Post-processing helps in improving your framing, lighting, and so on. Like with your equipment, use apps and software that you know how to use well. It doesn’t even need to be edited in Photoshop, even just your simple phone apps can do the trick. 

Get ready to upload

A person scrolling through an Instagram profile on a smartphone

Finally, after you’re done with all the editing, it’s time to upload your photos on your Instagram. But before you hit the share button, remember to pick a nice caption. Write something you personally learned during your travel experience, or quote a line that says much about your trip. Remember to geotag your photos, too, so your followers know where they were taken. Lastly, if you want your posts to have a wider reach, use a mix of hashtags. There are general travel hashtags, or hashtags specific to the city you’re visiting. If you want, you can even include hashtags like #Clozette for a chance to be featured! 

(Cover photo from: yuniqueyuni)

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Another week passed by so fast that we're sure you weren't able to catch up with all the buzz. So we're here to serve 'em up, fresh and sizzling, in today's Insider Roundup. Scroll through as we spill the deets on Mink's 3D printed makeup, Kim K.'s controversial new shapewear line, a Kylie versus Kylie brand battle, and more. 

A Kylie versus Kylie makeup line?

Kylie Jenner's eponymous beauty line faces new competition with the same name (sort of). Australian-British pop star Kylie Minogue has just released her own beauty line called KYLIE, following her legal battle with Jenner that stretches back from 2016.

At the time, Minogue blocked Jenner from trademarking their shared name for endorsement services and is now evening out the playing field by jumping into the beauty business. Now we ask: are you team KYLIE or team Kylie Cosmetics? 

Kim Kardashian is facing backlash for new shapewear line

It looks like this week isn't for the Kardashian-Jenners because aside from the KYLIE versus Kylie drama, Kim K. is also in a tight spot. Following the major debate on Kim's KKW body foundation release comes another backlash, this time towards her new shapewear line that she named "Kimono".

Now, the Kardashian-Jenners obviously love their brand name puns but this one was not cutting it. Japanese people were quick to note that kimonos are garments that hold high regard in their history and culture and Kim choosing to name her product line for the sake of a pun was simply 'disrespectful'. Kim has yet to comment on the issue. 

Karl x L'Oreal is coming

Two powerhouses join forces as Karl Lagerfeld's beauty line collabs with L'Oreal Paris. The joint makeup collection is said to reflect the late designer's elegant yet edgy style. There are still very few deets on the collab aside from a series of teasers released on Instagram, but what we know is that the collection is set to be revealed at Paris Fashion Week later this year. 

3D printed makeup is now a reality

The wave of the future in beauty is really here. Grace Choi, CEO and co-founder of Mink, finally announced the arrival of their fully functioning at-home makeup 3D printer. The concept, which was revealed way back in 2014, makes use of the Mink app to let you scan any image on the internet and have it printed with makeup as the ink. The image is now your very own personalised paper palette, mimicking the colours of the image you've chosen.

With the printer's ability to capture at least 16.7 million shades, you can copy colours of foundation shades, lipstick shades, and any other product — or image — imaginable to add to your makeup stash. But what does this mean for the entire beauty industry? Only time can tell. 

Marlena Stell spills the tea on James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, and more beauty community drama

Thought the YouTube beauty community can pass a week without drama? Apparently, that's not the case. Makeup Geek founder and YouTube content creator Marlena Stell spilt all the tea in her latest video titled 'Dear Influencers'. In a nutshell, the hour-long video talked about the truth regarding Jaclyn Hill's lipsticks, her past beef with James Charles, and more.

Stell clarified that she's simply clearing the air for the audience who may not know what's happened behind-the-scenes and that it isn't her intention to stir the pot at all. We'll let you decide on the verdict for this one — if you have the patience to give this one-episode-on-Netflix-long video a watch. 

(Cover photo from: @kylieminogue; @kyliecosmetics)

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