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Travel Instagrammers Who Will Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Perceiving things visually is one of the surefire ways to get us interested in something. That's why for most of us who have a deep sense of wanderlust, scrolling through IG lets us explore a lot of new places that can be absolutely breathtaking even if we're just at the comfort of our couches. 

So whether you're planning for your next trip or just in for hours and hours of building your travel bucketlist, we've narrowed down travel Instagrammers that you should definitely follow!


Melissa Hie a.k.a. GirlEatWorld

We all know that one of the reasons why we travel is for the food. Munching on something while viewing glorious sights is definitely what GirlEatWorld is all about. From pineapple buns from Hongkong to Pretzels by the Brooklyn Bridge, this is a must-follow profile for both food and travel lovers alike!
Murad Osmann

This Instagrammer won the internet with his #followmeto project featuring his model girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova. All of their photos show Natalia dressed in local fashion, hand-in-hand with Murad as they venture out into new places, setting the bar high for #RelationshipGoals and #TravelGoals!
Kiersten Rich a.k.a TheBlondeAbroad

She finished her degree, got a job as a corporate financier, but somehow it just didn't feel right. "Follow your dreams" was something Kiersten really took to heart when she became TheBlondeAbroad.
Annette White a.k.a. BucketListJrny

This freelance writer didn't let her anxiety disorder stop her from ticking places off her bucketlist. Bracing the big world and never letting her fear set her limits, her Instagram is all about celebrating the different people, cuisine, and cultures she encountered in her travels.
Kirsten Alana

Any "Travel Instagrammer" list wouldn't be complete without Kirsten. Even after settling in New York City, this certified nomad describes travelling as a transformative experience that enhances one's view of other cultures. 

Did your favourite travel Instagrammer make it into our list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!