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Travel Review: Treasure Bay Bintan

This resort city is your next dream destination

Time flies. In a couple of weeks, everyone will be heading off for their own holiday plans and will be welcoming another year in the blink of an eye. If there's one thing that we love to plan ahead for, it's our travels.

Now you might be thinking that it's a little too early to look into your holiday plans for the new year, but some of the best trips need some much needed preparation. Whether you're up for a stress-free and relaxing trip, or one that's full of adventures and adrenaline, Clozette Ambassador Kai Ting found the right place for you. 

Treasure Bay Bintan, the integrated waterfront development located just an hour away from Singapore, is an absolute paradise close to home. The new additions at the establishment add plenty of outdoor fun and thrills for visitors, especially those who are planning a weekend getaway during the upcoming school holidays or even looking ahead into their summer plans.

So dive in to this experience as we catch up with Kai Ting and share why Treasure Bay Bintan should be added to your upcoming travels list. 


How was your glamping experience like at the Canopi Resort?

The exterior of the tents features a huge and cool tent, while the interior boasts everything from basic necessities like lights and sofa, to air-conditioner and a clean bathroom. It was a very beautiful place! I was amazed when I stepped in. It was very spacious and clean with a grand four-poster bed with white sheets. The toilet sports an outdoor concept, which blended in really well with the whole glamping experience. 

It’ll be good to know that there are electrical sockets all around the tent. I had a good night’s sleep in the huge comfortable bed!

Run us through the activity highlights of your day.

After a short hour of ferry ride from Singapore to Bintan, we only needed five more minutes from Bintan Ferry Terminal to Treasure Bay Bintan. We went for lunch at The Patio, which overlooked the clear blue waters of the crystal lagoon.

Next, we went for a solar boat tour on the Crystal Lagoon and learnt that it’s the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia, which was the size of 50 Olympic-sized pools! Its eco-friendly technology also uses approximately 100 times lesser chemicals than conventional swimming pools. 

We proceeded to change into our swim attire for some water activities. I attempted the exhilarating Jetovator and was guided by the friendliest guide. All the staff at Treasure Bay Bintan provided great service. They were very friendly and approachable.

After an afternoon of water activities, we went back to wash up and head for dinner at a beautiful setting on top of a hill, with fresh food barbecued by the chefs for us. We enjoyed a hearty meal and a good conversation!

Which activity will you recommend for different groups of people?

I would recommend a group of friends to try out the Jetovator because it’s really fun! It may be slightly difficult from the start, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll become addicted to flying on water.

Family with children should go for the Sea Scooter [or the] Water Tricycle for a good bonding time. The inflatable water park will surely be a children’s favourite as well!

Finally, couples can opt for the thrilling ATV tour around Treasure Bay Bintan, as well as the adventurous tour of the mangrove swamps on a kayak.

Which activity did you enjoy the most and why?

Definitely the Jetovator! The mangrove kayak was not bad as well.

The Jetovator allows you to fly on water; it’s hard not to love the experience! For the mangrove kayaking, it’s quite a feat because you’ll have to paddle accurately to manoeuvre through the mangroves and trees branches.


Tell us about your overall experience?

It was definitely a fun-filled trip. I never liked water sports because I thought that it was too troublesome and I wouldn’t be able to get the hang of it. However, after this trip, I realised that it’s as fun as it looks and definitely worth a try! The guides were all so friendly and helpful, and they make sure you can really have fun in whichever water sport you choose to try. The food served at The Patio was also fresh and delicious. 

Glamping in The Canopi is a must-try experience. When you open up your tent door, you’re treated to a lovely view of the greenery and the Crystal Lagoon. It’s best for a quick and fuss-free weekend getaway with your significant other or your family. If you’re planning for an all-in-one birthday treat for a loved one, Treasure Bay Bintan will not disappoint!