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Ever wondered why travelling feels so right? From the moment you book your tickets to actually landing at your destination and breathing different air, just the prospect of jet-setting leaves you in an unexplainable and inevitable high. But did you know that it's not just on your mind? Travelling health benefits are actually backed up by a lot of studies — some of which provide great excuses to start planning your next adventure. Don't believe us? These facts provide all the reasons why you should book that trip now.  

Anticipation makes you more optimistic

Travelling health benefits: Anticipation makes you optimistic

We're all familiar with that feeling of unexplainable satisfaction and giddiness as soon as your plans have been finalised. This is because you now have something to look forward to. According to a study done by US researchers Van Boven and Ashworth (2007), anticipation proves to be more powerful than accomplishment. This means that people are more stimulated by an idea that has yet to happen than something that is happening or had happened.

This is mostly attributed to today's nature of self-care and self-growth. According to this article by Yale referencing a Cornell study, the interval between pre-travel and post-travel has higher and longer effects on a person's "direct happiness" than the quick act of purchasing a "physical possession". 

It improves your creativity, problem-solving, and social skills

Travelling health benefits: Increased productivity and creativity

In relation to the first point, a person who has a more positive outlook towards work tend to be the most efficient employees. According to an internal study conducted by professional services Ernst & Young, every 10 hours of vacation time their employees took resulted in an eight per cent increase in their performance. This is because people who feel more relaxed tend to be less prone to burnout, leading to more active participation in daily affairs. 

Social psychologist Adam Galinsky also shared that being exposed to foreign cultures and experiences "increase both cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought," leading to a more adaptable and creative mind. This makes people who travel frequently more adept to change and quicker on their feet when spontaneous situations arise.

An improvement in social skills due to building "a strong and acculturated sense of your own self" due to exposure to other races is also another travelling health benefit, according to University of Southern California Psychology professor Mary Helen Immordino-Yang. This is because travelling increases our ability to differentiate practices, cultures and beliefs. This leads us to become more open-minded in absorbing this type of information. Adam Galinsky also supports the statement by saying that people's general perception of trust is also affected by travelling, restoring "generalised trust, or their general faith in humanity".

Mental and physiological health improves more naturally than forced

Travelling health benefits: Improved mental and physical health

According to a recent study done by Willis Towers Watson, 67 per cent of employees all over Asia highly prioritise their health. However, over 56 to 60 per cent experience elevated stress levels on a yearly basis. This is in relation to work, worrying about health benefits provided by their companies, financial well-being issues, and more. This provides a stark contrast between people wanting to balance exercise and self-care with their tedious work schedules.

Travelling enters as a great balancer. Aside from removing oneself temporarily from a routinary setting, this also allows an individual to focus on health even subconsciously. For one, walking trips and typical sightseeing provide great cardio without feeling like forced exercise. Food consumed during travels is also easily converted into energy because of constant movement. People also tend to sleep more soundly when travelling, due to a mix of fatigue and a state of calm. 

Moving on to long-term travelling health benefits, a joint study done by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and the U.S. Travel Association also found that travelling lowers the risk of heart attack by 20 to 30 per cent for both men and women. It also decreases the possibility of dementia and Alzheimer's due to the constant stimulation of both the body's physiology and cognition. Another source also shares that travelling also boosts our immunity, given our exposure to foreign antibodies. This allows even those who lead sedentary routines a more viable — and fun — option to get fit should they not have time for the gym. 

All these reasons got you convinced? Leave the second-guessing for later and book that flight now.



When we think of spring, what comes to mind are images of blooming florals and pleasant, sunny weather. But while flower beds are indeed a highlight of the season, sunny weather is not always a given during springtime especially during its early days when temperatures can fall as low as 7°C in some areas. It's the kind of weather that can be tricky to dress for. You don't have to bundle up but you should still put on some layers to be comfortable. Ahead, a tropical girl's guide to dressing for spring.

Choose a warm, lightweight outwear

Dressing For Spring Outerwear Coat

Burberry double-breasted wool-felt coat, USD2117 (; UNIQLO Pocketable UV Cut Parka, SGD49.90/~USD36.62

Yes, you will still need to have a coat in hand even during spring. The good news is, you don't have to lug around a heavy-duty one. This season, you can get away with pieces that don't have any shearlings or other heavy inner linings. Instead, choose lightweight coats made from warm fabrics such as felt coats. You can also go for cotton blend coats or parkas like this one from UNIQLO for days when the temperature is on the warmer side. 

Layer up

Spring Dressing Layering

(Photo from: dhencayabyab)

Take note that there's a difference between bundling up and layering. Dressing up for spring doesn't require piling more than three pieces of clothing. Even one or two is already sufficient to keep yourself comfortably warm. You can go for a long-sleeved top paired with a pinafore or you could also layer some leggings underneath a mini skirt for extra warmth. It's all about mixing and matching light layers of clothing!

Add pops of colour to perk things up

(Photo from: Lexiepuzon)

It seems cliche, but it's true that adding pops of colour to your outfit can make all the difference when dressing for spring. Since you're essentially still wearing coats and heavy jackets, sticking to an all-neutral palette can make you look like you were stuck in the dead of winter. Having a hard time incorporating colour into your wardrobe? We suggest you go for subtle additions of hues like picking a muted pastel-coloured skirt or dress and layer it with your usual monochrome pieces. 

Scarves are still going to be helpful

Dressing For Spring Scarves

(Photo from: sodapopp)

Third pieces like scarves, particularly lightweight ones, are still helpful during spring. As the season is marked by changes in temperatures and weather, wearing a scarf during chilly mornings is great and come the warm afternoon, you can just easily just tuck them back into your bag. It's a very handy accessory to have during springtime so don't forget to pack one.

Closed shoes are still the best choice

Kate Spade New York Spring 2019 Raelyn, Price unavailable; Chiara Ferragni Spring/Summer 2019 Stars Sneakers, Price unavailable

The most common mistake tropical girls make when dressing for spring is packing sandals and slip-on footwear with the expectation that the weather is warm enough. But take it from us: closed shoes are still the best choice during the season. Thigh-high boots can be paired with mini skirts while ankle boots can go well with any pants. Sneakers are also a nice, versatile option that you could match with both dresses and pants. 

(Cover photo from: dhencayabyab)



We’re already midway through summer, so enjoy the sun while it lasts. Still, don’t forget to protect your skin while you’re at it. Take cover and be trendy wherever you go. Take notes and learn how to style straw hats from these ladies from the Clozette Community.  


Take it to the shores

Woman wearing straw hat while strolling along the shore

(Photo from: themerriedlife)