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Planning a long awaited holiday getaway just in time for the holiday season? Then get yourself #TravelStyle ready with these fashion and beauty essentials we spotted in our Community!


Makeup Palettes

by fifiliciousify

No matter how short a trip may be, sometimes you still get this urge to want to bring your entire collection of makeup along with you. Don't. Not only will you not use everything throughout your trip, but it also takes up space in your luggage. Opt for a select number of makeup palettes instead. Bonus points if you customize a travel-friendly palette to store your blusher, bronzer, powder, and eyeshadows.

Weather Appropriate Attire

by SheraneTeo

Here is why you shouldn't be carrying loads of makeup along with you: precious luggage space. Whether you're heading off to a colder climate or to the beach, aim to bring a variety of outfits that can adapt to any weather changes. After all, just because it's cold now in San Francisco doesn't mean it won't be warm up in a few days; and a summery beach day can easily turn into a cold, wet one. The best item to pack: cardigans and light sweaters. They're easy to pull on and off depending on the weather. 


by loveforskincare

Just because you're taking a break from life and going off on an amazing travel adventure doesn't mean your skincare regiment needs to take a break either. Bring along your favourite skincare line in a travel-friendly size to keep your skin looking flawless and gorgeous for your travel photos. If you have a long flight ahead of you, pack a serum, moisturiser, and facial mist in your handbag to keep your skin from drying out.

Comfortable Shoes

by JodyYtLiu

Most of the time, travel = lots and lots and lots of walking. There will always be places to see and even more new places to shop. So keep your footwear comfortable and fuss-free; and unless you're anticipating loads of fancy dinners, feel free to leave your sky-high heels at home. Opt instead for comfortable flats or wedges (if you absolutely must wear heels). Your feet will thank you later. 



The first whiff of BOSS JOUR Pour Femme is invigorating and energising. The burst of citrus is like a jab of energy that perks you up and invigorates so you’re ready to take on the rest of your day. A couple of spritzes behind the ears and on the wrists, when getting ready, ensures you get a whiff of the refreshing scent each time there is a swish of hair or you check the time. It’s definitely a great perfume to wear to a meeting because of how energetic it makes you feel. 

As your day progresses you will find that the perfume evolves into a floral scent – thanks to freesia and lily of the valley at its heart. Into the evening, the base notes that consist of musky white birch and cream amber take over. The dry down gives the wearer a sense of tranquil, almost as if to signal end of the day and time to unwind. This is a fragrance that’s so easy to wear, it’s possible to use it everyday. 

The BOSS JOUR Pour Femme EDT retails at S$79/RM178 (30ml), S$114/RM256 (50ml), S$148/RM333 (75ml). Shower gel and body lotion that complement the fragrance are also available at S$50/RM112 and S$55/RM124 respectively.

No matter how small or vast your makeup collection is, you can't argue with the fact that lipsticks should generally form the bulk of it. After all, once you have your selection of primers, foundations, and powders down pat, all you really need next is a reliable selection of lipsticks that can transform your overall look from drab to fab in an instant. 

Here is our selection of 5 essential lipstick shades to have in your collection.


Reliable Nude

A good nude shade that doesn't wash you out is a definite must-have in our books. It's perfect to pair with a heavy, smoky eye or an eye-look that incorporates a lot of bright colours. To get the perfect nude, pick a colour that matches your skin's undertone. So a nude shade that leans more yellow or orange, would work great for those with yellow undertones; while a shade that leans more pink would be great for those with pink undertones.

Romantic Red

by VivianEng

No other lipstick shade can match the bold statement of a signature red lip. A quick swipe of red is probably one of the quickest way to look a bit more put-together while in a hurry. Match a red lip with a soft smoky eye or wear it on its own with a powdered face and bold brows.

Sweet Pink

by melndrums

For days when you want to channel your inner girly-girl, a sweet shade of pink is the lipstick of choice. While there may be a wide selection of pinks to choose from--from pale pinks to bright, neon pinks--we just love how a good pink lipstick that matches your skin tone brightens your face instantly without looking too bold and in your face. It's the perfect shade to wear in the day, whether at work or at school.

Soft Orange

by HazelCruz

There is something about orange lipsticks that seem to bring a touch of bronze to your skintone. So if you're feeling a bit pale and want to instantly add a hint of sun-kissed colour to your face, reach for an orange lipstick. 

Dark & Vampy

by axdelwen

The fall and winter seasons are all about the dark, vampy lips. While we may not have either seasons in our region, that isn't stopping us from keeping a vampy colour handy. It's definitely one of those statement lipsticks for special night-outs, paired with nude eyeshadow and bold eyeliner.