Trend Alert: Dad Sneakers | Clozette

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t noticed it yet, there’s an emerging trend in town — the “Dad Sneakers." It is all over fashion runways and social media. Fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Raf Simmons have all jumped on the bandwagon.

Influencers have taken the latest trend to the streets and while it's not a typical chic and sleek trend, it can be the perfect addition to any outfit despite its chunky silhouette. Plus, it can be styled up or in an off-duty way, depending on your taste.

So if you’re planning to get yourself a pair, below are five sneaker picks to get you started.

Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

Probably the 'culprit' as to why this trend skyrocketed and made its way into the luxe limelight, these playful and colourful kicks from Balenciaga are definitely a way to add some spunk to your ensemble. 

Acne Studios Manhattan Sneakers

Love everything trendy and preppy? Combine today's white sneaks and dad kicks fads and you've got yourself the ultimate pair right here.

Adidas Crazytrain Elite

Chunky shoes can be a lot to handle sometimes, but who says you can't pull it off? If you're just trying this trend out for the fun of it but would still want to have an item that has 'wardrobe mainstay' potential, this simple yet chic pick from Adidas is just the one for you. 

Nike Air Max 97

Pastel, comfy, and functional? What more can you ask for? This pair from Nike may not take a typical card from their usual design pile but that's what makes it exciting to try as it adds a little more 'extra' to any casual or athleisure OOTD. 

Reebok Cut-Off Detailing Chunky Sneakers

Take the chunky shoes trend to a whole new level by slipping into this pair by Reebok. Its structured aesthetic adds dimension and character to any look while providing supreme comfort as you strut in style. 

Looking for stylish running shoes you can add to your kicks collection? We have 'em right here!



Hats are not the first accessory that comes to mind when we think of an ensemble. But if we give it more consideration, hats and headpieces level up an outfit to complete a vibe that literally translates to 'head-to-toe'. So whether you're going sporty, casual, chic or glam, take notes on how you can style the perfect head-topper with these looks. 


(Photo from: Mgrazielle)

Tropic wrap

(Photo from: karenskierrific)



This year, Manila Fashion Festival (MFF) is bigger than the last with the power of Panasonic. On its eighth season, and now dubbed Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, the event embraces the theme Infinite Style, which aims to blur the line between high tech and high fashion. The fashion festival also aims to continue its tradition of sharing stories through fabrics and design. 

What else is coming to the festival this year? Keep on reading to find out. 

World-class tech

Art Personas’ CEO Ronnie Cruz believes that this partnership shapes an innovative and revolutionary transformation for the fashion industry, resulting in a world-class show where trends and technology combine.

From heightening the use of technology in every show — from backstage to the catwalk itself — to embracing firsts in the form of a photography and videography forum called Point of View (where known personalities in the industry will share their tips and secrets on getting the perfect shot with Panasonic Lumix) this year's PMFF invites everyone to see how Panasonic's cameras, televisions, and beauty tools and the festival's ever-constant nod to the world of design seamlessly intersect. 

More diversity in the lineup

With technology comes evolution and with evolution comes diversity. This is why the partnership between the tech giant and MFF champion passionate souls of varying ages, inspirations and stories. Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival will capture raw Filipino prowess more vividly, as talented designers from Cebu and Davao, along with some of MFF's regulars, will be participating to present their remarkable collections.

A celebration of new blood 

As always, another highlight of the event is celebrating new blood with SoFA Design Institute's graduation show running for the third time this year, where fresh creations from young designers will be showcased to raise the bar for Philippine fashion's next generation. 

Catch Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival this 2018 10-13 April at The Marquee Tent, Edsa Shangri-La Manila by registering here.