Trending Now: Stylish Shorts

Whether it be skirts, dresses, or shorts, we've come to rely on our ever stylish Clozette Ambassadors to bring their own unique style to every look. So we've had quite a time spotting these ladies on TV as part of StarWorld's Trending Now segment playing throughout October and we hope you've spotted them as well!

If not, then this is a video you've just got to watch to see our Ambassadors' take on the latest trends in shorts:

Want to take a better look at their outfits? 
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Leather Shorts

by charleneajose

Leather (aka faux-leather) has been the go-to fabric for chic fashionistas looking to add a bit more edge to their look. Want to town down the edge? Pair leather shorts with a soft blouse to balance out the look.

Lace-Trimmed Runner Shorts

by stephiielim

Here's something great for casual days when you just want to be comfortable while you're out running errands or shopping up a storm. These lace-trimmed shorts is a sweet and girly take on your traditional runner shorts, upping sports wear into something chic and fashionable.

Pleated Skort

by Honeyflowerr

Is this a short or a skirt, or both? When you're torn between wearing shorts or a skirt, go for a well-fitted skort. It has everything we love in shorts with a unique girly touch. Plus points: you know that moment when you're out and about wearing your favourite mini-skirt and the wind decides to go crazy and blow your skirt up? That's something you don't have to worry about with skorts!

Peplum Shorts

by kongkathleen

The thing about shorts is that a tight pair can sometimes cut too deeply into your silhouette and call to attention to all the wrong places. So if you're looking to enhance your waist and give your curves an added boost, slip on a well-fitted pair of peplum shorts and a flowy blouse.

So which look was your favourite? Show us your own take on the shorts trend by uploading a photo to our Fashion Community!

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