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Take Your Pick From The Hottest Hats This Season

Amp up your look

Hats, whether they’re fancy or simple, are a great way to accessorise and protect yourself from the sun. Once you get the hang of wearing hats, it can be the focal point of your whole ensemble. So start your hat journey and create a getup that’s not just stylish but also totally your own. Read on to find out the trendiest hats this season and see which of these versatile styles would go best with your look.

The Wide-brimmed Straw hat

Straw hats have become our fave go-to accessory for the whimsical charm it adds to our ensemble. But if you’re looking to feel a bit more sophisticated, opt to wear wide-brimmed ones adorned with a plain black ribbon. Nothing else says chic tropical better than this one. 

Mariner’s cap

Remember Julia Roberts before she got the makeover in Pretty Woman? Yeah, that’s the one. This type of hat is great for stylish urban ladies who need something unique to complete their laid-back ensemble. A mariner’s cap is both cool and pretty at the same time — and yes, just like Julia Roberts in the film, it can be really sexy too. 

The felt fedora

Nothing spells classic better than a felt fedora. This hat is so versatile both men and women can wear it, but it does look extra stylish when worn by a lady. Wearing a fedora just screams alpha female and who doesn't want that confidence boost for the day right? 

The baseball cap

Fancy looking like the girl next door? Wearing a baseball cap can give the wearer a subtle but trendy ensemble. Baseball caps may look unassuming on their own, but it might just be the key to your sporty look.  

The retro visor

Even with the word “retro”, there’s just something quite modern with a hint of avant garde when wearing a retro visor. This is a stylish hat option for those who are looking at protecting their face from the sun and showcasing their chic hairstyle both at the same time. Visors look great with a modern getup like a shiny bomber jacket and some nice leggings. Or, you can opt to switch it up and pair it with a silk dress. 

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