How To Streamline Your In-Flight Beauty Pouch

For pretty travels ahead

In between catching a couple of in-flight movies, getting some shuteye, and reading a book, we say, don’t forget to make your beauty routine a part of your in-flight routine too. But with carry-on luggage restrictions, streamlining your beauty pouch for travel can be a tedious task. Ahead, we share our top tips and picks on how you can effectively trim down your beauty pouch for travel without compromising on your skincare and makeup needs.

Pile on the sun protection

A yellow tube of sunscreen

Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream Triple Care SPF50+/PA+++, USD13.09 for 50ml

The higher the altitude, the more intense the harmful UV rays. So make sure you pack on some sun protection. This one from Innisfree not only contains SPF50/PA+++, it is also non-sticky and sleek enough to slip into your carry-on.

Indulge in a mini-spa session with a sheet mask

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask 10 Piece Pack, USD119.76

SK-II’s signature Facial Treatment Essence with Pitera comes in a mask form that’s perfect for travel. It serves as a great pick-me-up for tired and dull skin and will bring back its much-needed hydrated glow in no time. A multitasking must-have to trim down your travel beauty pouch.

Prep for some lip care

A lipstick and a tube of screen protectant

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream Lip (3.7G) & Skin Protectant (30ml), USD25.63

Hydration, hydration, and hydration — we can’t stress this enough! To avoid chapped and dehydrated lips, swipe on some trusty lip care like this 8-hour lip cream from Elizabeth Arden for long-lasting lip comfort and protection.

Don’t forget your hands

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Hand Cream Set 4 x 30ml, USD38.70

One thing that we often forget when it comes to our beauty routine is that our hands, much like our face and the rest of our body, need some dedicated loving too. Give your hands the vacay it deserves with these rejuvenating hand creams doused in green tea essence from Elizabeth Arden.

Palettes that do it all are your best beauty bet

A makeup palette in a zip up wallet

Clarins Make-Up Palette, USD44.24 

While it’s not advisable to wear make-up in-flight, we understand the need for a fresh-faced look as you’re about to descend to your destination. Go for an all-in-one palette that you can easily squeeze into your travel handbag. This Clarins compact palette features a compact powder, blush, a selection of shadows, mascara, and lip oil in one small and sleek package!

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