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Truths On What You Think About Your Skin

Facing the facts

Fighting acne is only half the battle. Sometimes, the tougher fight to win is the one where our minds are the ones that impose a challenge. We love ourselves wholeheartedly, of course, but there are just some moments when we find ourselves down and out. And when you have acne or acne scars, it actually happens more often than you think.

We recently ran a survey on skincare and — surprise, surprise — our findings revealed exactly what people struggle with mentally when it comes to acne. Here are some cold hard truths.

“I find it hard to leave the house without make-up on.”


Makeup is a great tool for self-expression and unleashing creativity. For those who battle acne and acne scars, it’s a different story. They use makeup to conceal imperfections. Leaving the house without makeup on has become harder for many people who suffer from acne. According to the survey, 46% of females find it hard to leave the house without makeup on.

More often than not, these people feel less confident because of their condition. But even those who have finished their bout with acne are still not confident about its remnants on their face. Scars are then often hidden with the help of heavy coverage foundation and concealer. This may, in turn, cause your acne or acne scar to heal slower.

“I become more introverted.”

Did you know our survey shows that 36% of males and females feel that they become more introverted when they have acne or acne scars?

The lack of confidence to leave the house without make-up on can also translate to the lack of confidence even when you’re out of the house. Some people tend to clam up and become more introverted when they feel insecure about how they look. Unfortunately, along with this insecurity about approaching or talking to people come missed opportunities.

“I feel less attractive.”


Let’s be honest: the imperfections on our skin can sometimes make us feel unattractive. A shocking 93% of males and females actually think that acne and acne scars make a person less attractive!

It’s like a domino effect. When you feel like you need to cover something up, you also feel the need to hide away. When you feel the need to be hidden, you feel like you are not attractive enough to mingle.

“I know it’s not advisable, but I still pick at my pimples.”

We all know it’s not advisable, but 78% of males and females admit that they pick at their pimples to rid this pesky problem. Here’s the deal though: picking at your pimples will only make them worse. Not only will doing this increase the chance of scars, you also run the risk of getting an infection.

Even if the struggle with the onslaught of acne is over, the battle might not be over just yet. There’s still the fight against acne scars. It’s not a lost cause, though. There are many ways to address it, and one of which is by using a topical treatment — Hiruscar’s Post Acne Gel to be exact.

The good thing about this post-acne treatment is not only about how you can address the scar left behind by acne, it also helps prevent the acne from coming back.

With the help of this gel, which contains Pionin, MPS and Allium Cepa, the skin can get smoother, softer and revitalised in less than two weeks. The gel also contains Allantoin & Vitamin B3, which is great for skin hydration, elasticity of scar tissue and cell regeneration. Need your make-up on before heading out? Simply apply this quick-absorbing, lightweight clear gel before makeup to give your skin the scar care it needs!

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