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Try These Festive Makeup Looks Inspired By Zodiac Signs

Look at the stars...

(Cover photo from: penmyblog)

If you've been wanting to put your creative side to use by way of makeup but don't know where to look for inspiration, why not let the stars be your guide? Whether you're a solid believer of astrology or just someone who's looking to do something new for the new year, taking a cue from zodiac signs is something worth trying out.

Planning to up your game in the beauty department? Here are some fun, festive looks inspired by zodiac signs to ignite your creativity.



Let's start with something you'd most likely be able to wear. Inspired by Leo, the sign of people who are natural stand-outs, this look will help make sure that all eyes are on you. The look is fairly simple, but the eyes definitely catch the attention.


This one's still in the wearable spectrum, but it's definitely more festive and fun. Taking a cue from Cancer, the sign of people who are rooted in family, this makeup look depicts their open and welcoming nature.



Bold smokey eyes? A must for someone whose eyes are on the prize. Capricorns are said to be ambitious and determined, so show how big your personality is by recreating this look.


As feisty as Scorpio's personality is this makeup look. The intense eye makeup is perfect for embodying the sign's strong and commanding attributes.



Those who are under the Pisces sign are believed to have natural artistic inclinations. So dare to be different and don't be scared to express yourself.


Ready to start recreating these looks? Here are the beauty products you need according to your sign.