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Try This: Veggie-Infused Skincare

Feed your skin right

"You are what you eat." It's the adage that's repeated over and over again, and guess what? It applies not only to the food we eat but also for the skincare products that we apply to our skin. The skin absorbs the skincare products that we put on, so we have to feed it right. 

They say that the pros of using vegetable-based skincare are that it's cheaper and usually free of additives, like fragrance, that may irritate the skin. Which makes it a worthy option to consider. Explore these veggie-infused skincare products and practices that will surely give your skin its daily dose of nutrients. 

Youth To The People Kale Age Prevention Cleanser

Kale, spinach and green tea — these are greens that are already in our weekend brunch menu, so why not give it a chance to be in our skincare routine, too? Vegan skincare brand called Youth To The People presents us with this gel facial cleanser that's designed to remove impurities and bring balance to the skin. It's said to be great for people with acne-prone and sensitive skin.

SKINFOOD Bitter Green Line

SKINFOOD has always been known for their food-based skincare and makeup. They already have numerous, highly acclaimed skincare products under their brand. That's why it's a pleasant surprise that they released another line called Bitter Green.

It uses extracts from wheat grass, kale, celery, cabbage, and broccoli which are believed to be potent in purifying the skin and protecting it from harmful environmental factors due to their anti-inflammatory traits. The skincare line follows a 4-step routine: cleansing gel, clay to foam cleanser, toner, and soothing mask. 

Innisfree Super Food From Jeju Broccoli Line

If you're going to visit the wonderful island of Jeju, South Korea make sure to check out innisfree's Broccoli Super Food From Jeju skincare line. It's simpler in terms of ingredients and a relatively cheaper alternative to innisfree's regular products. The Broccoli line has soothing properties and also contains BHA to gently exfoliate the skin. The line only has three products: gel cleanser, lotion, and toner. 

Glow Recipe Parsley Herb Toner

This toner made with 60% parsley extract is said to be great at refreshing, hydrating and soothing the skin. The toner also has a complementary moisturiser made with parsley. The moisturiser is said to be good at soothing irritated and troubled skin.

DIY Mask Printer

Just in case you missed it, this mask printer that went viral a few months ago is totally worth trying if you want to venture into veggie skincare. We've heard mixed reviews, but it looks fun, right? You just put on veggies and fruits that can be beneficial for the skin, add the collagen capsules that come with the machine, then voila it prints into a jelly-like mask.

Too bad that Amazon doesn't sell EgoEra anymore, for now. Although you'll find some other alternative if you really want to try one. 

(Cover photo from: @innisfreeofficial)

These are the three criteria your anti-ager skincare products should meet.