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Tune Out: Songs To Listen To While Shopping

Get into the hauling mood

With the month about to end and our paychecks about to arrive, what better way to treat ourselves than with a shopping spree? Whether you're a physical store shopper or someone who prefers to make your purchases online, a nice playlist that will get you feeling like a beauty and fashion movie heroine is a great way to complete the indulging experience.

So for the last instalment of this month's Tune Out series, we asked Clozette Ambassador and fellow shopping lover Romana to curate a playlist that will definitely keep you in a hauling mood. 

Romana shared that online shopping is her stress reliever and she prefers soothing sounds, with a mix of old Italian songs that she grew up listening to, as a part of her playlist. We balanced it out with some tunes from Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande and more to give you a transition between relaxation and playfulness that ignites the shopping spirit. 

In need of a pick-me-up? Add these songs to your playlist queue.