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Tune Out: Songs To Play When You're Down And Out

These beats will get you smiling

Is it one of those days when you can't shake off feeling blue? Well, we've all had moments like this, and that's the reason we need to help you get that much needed pick-me-up. While we can't hand you a comfy blanket to snuggle in or some ice cream to lift your mood up, we asked Clozette Ambassador and fellow beauty enthusiast Fiona, a.k.a. streetlove, to help us curate a playlist that will definitely help turn your frown upside down.


Fiona's playlist combines multiple genres that will keep you pumped at one point and calm and serene the next. So whichever boost you need, you've got it all in here! There's Flex Your Way Out by Sofi de la Torre, which is about standing up for yourself; Run The World by Queen Bey to give out that ultimate girl power vibe, and even Witchcraft from Frank Sinatra to get you into a romantic, slow-dancing mood that can release all that negative energy. 

Going for a run can also help you clear your head. We also have your jogging playlist nailed right here.