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Twinning Halloween Outfits For You And Your Bestie

Double the trouble

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means it's time to think of cool costumes to wear. This year, break the monotony and ditch the usual vampire costume for matching Halloween outfits with your bestie. Here's some that you can try.

The Twins From Insidious

Just to recap, the Insidious Twins are the ones that were spotted in the hallway when they were trying to explore the haunted house. They are part of the Doll Family, a spirit of a family who died violently. The look is fairly easy to achieve; just get a set of matching white dresses with sleeves then paint your face white, line your eyes exaggeratedly and wear dark red lippies.

Cady And Regina


If you're not into spooky costumes, then you can go for frenemies Cady and Regina from Mean GirlsThese characters' outfits are quite easy to replicate, you just have to find similar pink clothing in your wardrobe. To distinguish the costume, don't forget their trademark accessories, which are the "R" pendant for Regina, and the African bracelet for Cady. Finally, rent out some wigs, too, so you can match their hair colour.

Dancing Girls Emoji

This emoji is a go-to costume if you're looking for something that's super quick and easy to put together. All you need are a pair of matching black leotards or bodysuits and a pair of black headbands with antenna-like cut-outs.

The Wicked Stepsisters From Cinderella

If you're up for a more elaborate costume, we suggest to go the unconventional route and dress up as the villains of the story. You've seen a lot costumes for Disney Princesses but what about their evil counterparts? For this, you have to rent costumes to get the right look and then, you can just improvise the accessories like the huge headbands.

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