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Review: Does The TWO LIPS Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask Really Work?

Taking self-care to a whole new plane

  • AO on 6 Nov, 2019

    Features Writer

It’s the 21st century and women shouldn’t shy from caring for their intimate areas. Feeling confident in your own skin involves working on it from inside-out, head to toe. We previously tried their Undercover Vulva Peptide Cream, so this time we challenged #TeamClozette members Niky and April to test out the TWO LIPS Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask to see if it actually works.

The Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask is not new, being the first product of TWO L(I)PS’s luxury intimate care range. They claim to be sulphate-, paraben-, and petrochemical-free. They contain a rich cocktail of organic botanical ingredients: white liquorice, cornflower, elderberry, chamomile, Ylang-Ylang, and aloe vera. With its ingredients list, it claims to offer four-step benefits in one product: detoxification, soothing, brightening, and hydration. It also claims to boost lymphatic drainage while freshening up your feminine area. One box contains five sheets and retails for SGD120/~USD88.39.

Packaging, appearance, and fragrance

“The mask's packaging has a rose gold print on a nude background that feels very 'now,'" April shares. "The liquid feels like a lightweight serum. The mask itself has a layer of lace, which is useful in distinguishing which side to apply to the skin. It smells clean and powdery, although those who may be sensitive to scents might find it a bit cloying.”

“Super plus points for the packaging. I loved the peachy pink colour and the smoothness of the packaging material. It made me feel excited to try the product. And I liked that it smelled wonderful,” Niky adds. “The mask itself was soaked in the moisturising liquid, so you know there’s a lot to use. But perhaps there was quite too much to use as the product was wetter than I had expected upon opening.”

Application and efficacy

“Following the instructions on the packaging can take a bit of practice," April shares of her experience. She adds that while she appreciates the generous amount of serum in each pack, there was definitely too much excess after use. "After using it, however, I can confidently say that my skin definitely felt a little more supple and hydrated.”

For Niky, there was a cooling sensation to the sensitive area while using it, which she liked. She adds, however, that there was a bit of a learning curve when it came to unpacking the mask and unfolding it before application. When it comes to the effect, Niky shares: "The morning after I used the mask, the area I applied it to felt moisturised and soft."

Overall Thoughts

Niky shares: “If you need moisturisation in that area, it certainly does its job.”

“It does nourish the skin and offers hydration," April shares. "It didn’t irritate my skin when it was already feeling a little irritated and dry, so that's a plus for sure. I think it definitely lived up to its soothing claims! I’d recommend it to someone who’s looking for skin rehydration and soothing in their intimate areas and are willing to invest in that type of intimate care."

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