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The Types Of People That Should Be Banned From Fashion Week

Take 'em off the list!

All eyes are on runway shows from across the world's biggest fashion capitals during their respective fashion weeks. From the designers and the trends to models old and new who are gracing catwalk after catwalk in celebration of expression through fabric and style, these occasions are made for everyone who lives and breathes fashion. 

But there's a reason why these shows are not a free-for-all. There has to be a way to keep things on track especially in a busy setting. The hierarchy of fashion week comes in the form of seat placements. It’s all about location, location, location! The front row? That's prime runway real estate right there. But with great power — or in this case, placement — comes great responsibility.


So we say no to sartorial sacrilege as we identify the types of people that should never ever be given front row seats at Fashion Week. 

The overly eager


Having the VIP seat is definitely exciting and we get that. We all want to see every stitched stone and sequin in detail, every fleck of glitter on a beauty look, and maybe even Kendall Jenner's face up-close. But when you’re leaning too much or your pointed-toe pumps are dangling too close to the ramp, you may look like you want to either kiss the runway or worse, trip the models. A big no-no to that! 

The space hogger


Just because it's the front row doesn't mean it would feel like business class seats on a luxury plane. Bench space is very limited to fit all the VIPs and fashion influencers so taking up other people's seats with your oversized handbag or your fluffy faux fur coat is just rude. This goes for your accessories as well. Make sure you don't block anyone's view with your tall hat or bold shoulder pads, and always consider other viewers seated around you when planning what to bring to the event. Take note: stealing extra space will not guarantee you an extra goodie bag.

The frustrated videographer


We all want to immortalise the memory of being seated in the front row. But let's be real here: can you really enjoy a show when you’re too busy filming and snapping every bit of it? Unless you're hired as the official videographer of the event, we suggest on revelling in the awesome experience that is Fashion Week by simply taking a few souvenir photos, then focusing on watching and enjoying the happenings. The thing with photos and videos is that if you're so fixated on taking them rather than experiencing the moment first-hand, it would feel so out-of-touch in the end that it will have you thinking, "Was I really there?" — and not in a good way. 

The commentator


Every event has a person like this, but it's extra annoying when it's during Fashion Week because it's an occasion more for the eyes and not the ears. It’s not a sporting event so no one needs a play-by-play account of what is happening. Don’t annoy your seatmates with all the commentaries and the “oohs and ahhs” and best save your opinions for your blog or the publication you're writing for.

The debbie downer


Many others would be grateful to get your spot and that's always a good thought to keep in mind. Even if you are unimpressed and bored with the designer’s collection, don't be rude by scowling through the rest of the collection. If you’re not feeling chummy with your seatmate, keep cool and take the higher ground. Don't make a scene; try to keep a positive attitude towards the experience. More importantly, show appreciation and respect by applauding the designer after the show.

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