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Ultimate Treats For Mum This Mother's Day

(cover photo from GlamMama)

From being our first best friend to our ultimate protector, our mums are definitely one of the most precious people in our lives. Despite the fact that we should just celebrate how amazing they are all year round, a calendar day dedicated to them is also something that we should put time and effort on. 

A mother's love is simply one of life's sweetest pleasures. This Mother’s Day, make even the simplest of get togethers even more special. Keep scrolling to know how you can go for an extra mile for your mummy this Mother's Day.


Reminisce those happy childhood moments

Remember when dancing with mum (or more like adorably jumping up and down) with our small and fragile legs was the highlight of our day? Relive those memories with RISIS latest collection called Dance. Fashioned after an orchid’s swaying petals, this exquisite collection comprises a necklace, a brooch, and a bangle -- all plated in precious rhodium, because mum deserves nothing less.

Unwind with mum with some delicious herbal brews 

Growing up means keeping up with our busy schedules. And sometimes, getting too worn out with work makes chatting with our mums a little difficult. However, this Mother’s Day, make time and chat the afternoon away together over soothing teas by 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Add a twist to herbal classics like Chamomile and go for refreshing blends like Blissful Berries or Peace of Mind.
Bond over food with grill cookouts

There's nothing more nostalgic and comforting than mum's cooking. But this Mother's Day, it's your turn to treat mum to a special homecooked meal with Weber's lid-down cooking technique. 

With the Weber Original Gourmet BBQ System (compatible with the full-size models) you can now roast, smoke, poach, bake, and even fry on this single appliance, perfect for preparing a dining experience your mum would be proud of.
Keep mum healthy and fit 

Nothing is greater than knowing that our loved ones, especially our mums, are in good health. Give your mum some of Guardian’s range of high-grade, yet purse-friendly supplements to keep her in tip-top shape!


What will you get your mum this Mother's Day? Share it with us in the comments below!