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We all know Pomelo as one of Asia's biggest online shopping destinations for fashion. But they recently added beauty to their roster with their first ever cosmetic line, BEET by Pomelo

Jumping on the minimalist trend in today's beauty scene, BEET is all about a fuss-free makeup experience. Debuting with 17 products under four categories (Liquid blush, Liquid Lipstick, Lip gloss, and Liquid Shimmer), BEET's selection promises versatility for daily use, but with a range that invites wearers to be as experimental as they can with their looks. All the products are also non-toxic, paraben-free, and of course, cruelty-free.

But if that still hasn't sold it to you yet, its price range might. All going for just SGD10 each, you can hoard the entire line without blowing a hole in your budget. Cool, right? If that got you curious, check out our unboxing video to take a peek at the collection. 


These days, Love Marie — also known by her stage name Heart Evangelista — is on a roll. From becoming a successful social media influencer to taking on the role of creative director at local clothing brand Kamiseta, this actress-socialite dubbed as a real "Crazy Rich Asian" has proved time and again that's she's more than just a pretty face. Her latest achievement? Being the first Filipina artist to collaborate with global beauty brand L'Oréal. 

If you've been following Heart Evangelista on Instagram, you would know that she is quite an artist. She was even recognized internationally for hand-painting designer bags like those from Hermes and Prada to creatively camouflage any damages or discolouration on the pieces. But aside from that, the actress also releases her very own artworks. A painting from her most recent collection (pictured above) was chosen by L'Oréal and Heart Evangelista herself to be featured in the packaging of the anticipated L’Oréal x Love Marie Color Riche Mattes collection.

In an interview with Preview Magazine, Heart Evangelista shares that this particular piece is the best choice because the five women in the painting could correspond to the five shades that will be released under her lipstick collection with L'Oréal. However, we won't really get a full mini recreation of the painting in our lipsticks. Instead, the artwork will be printed on paper and wrapped on the lipstick's case to serve as the design. 

She also mentioned that the shades will veer toward the classic side. Could this mean that we're getting nudes and reds? Judging on the lip colours she always wears, it's a huge probability! Because of the previous successful collaborations by the actress with other popular brands, we're expecting some really great bullets from this lipstick collection. Recently, she partnered with Sequoia Paris and the products launched were nothing but beautiful.


Already excited for the release of her collab with  L'Oréal? Mark your calendars as the L’Oréal x Love Marie Color Riche Mattes will drop on 10 June on Lazada and at various L'Oréal counters in next weeks after the initial launch. There's still no definite word if the lipsticks will be available outside the Philippines but let's keep our eyes peeled. Stay tuned!

(Cover photo from: @iamhearte)



Would you believe we're already halfway through the year? With all the hustling, deadlines, and personal agendas we had to work through, we say a little mid-year pick-me-up is necessary. For us, that comes in the form of retail therapy, with some 'me time' on the side. Because nothing beats recharging and gearing up for what's ahead.

So what's on our mid-year wishlist? We're currently looking at these fashion, beauty and lifestyle picks for an empowering daily routine that will help us survive the rest of the busy year. 


Deputy Editor

Clozette Covets: Glamglow GentleBubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser


"I have to admit: cleansers are not my most favourite skincare products. But cleansing is the first step to a good routine, so surely, it should hold a bit more weight, right? So I’m putting more premium on it now and will start with the Glamglow GentleBubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser on my to-get list. Aside from its super fun packaging that’s truly hard to miss, it’s got hydrating, softening and protecting properties thanks to apple extract, vitamin E, Teaoxi Green Tea Leaf and oat amino acids — yes, all that on top of cleansing."


Features Writer and Campaign Executive

Clozette Covets: Furla x Hello Kitty

Price unavailable

"I believe that every woman cannot leave the house without a trusty bag. And yes, you can blame it on the fact that our clothes usually don't have very reliable pockets (if they have any at all). But we've embraced the piece like an extension of our personalities and choosing the right one is just as personal as one's own skincare routine. So as soon as I saw Furla x Hello Kitty's latest collaboration, I knew I found pieces that fit my taste just right. Elevating Hello Kitty's fun and quirky vibe is Furla's chic and sophisticated aesthetic, making it perfect for kids-at-heart like me who deal with #adulting on the daily."


Features Writer and Community Specialist

Clozette Covets: Rouge G de Guerlain

Left to right: Guerlain Rouge G Matte Shades, SGD48; Guerlain Rouge G Cases, SGD31


"As cliché as it may seem, no one can deny that a red lip has unbeatable allure. The colour is bold, empowering and unapologetic wearing one is like saying to the world that you're unstoppable. Over the years, I've tried many red bullets and now have my all-time favourites, but it wouldn't hurt to add another tube to my collection. This month, I'm eyeing the Rouge G de Guerlain in the shade Rouge Intense. The best part is that you can even customise the case that comes with it when you purchase one. So chic!"


Features Writer

Clozette Covets: Dyson Lightcycle Task Light


"My eyes are suffering from fatigue a lot more lately and it makes it difficult for me to manage my daily tasks efficiently. That’s why I’m excited for Dyson’s Lightcycle Task Light, which is engineered to adjust automatically throughout the day to give you the perfect light. The desk lamp adapts to your local daylight and age, so you get the optimum brightness and temperature you need. Hopefully, when it’s released this July, it can finally reduce my eye strain and help me enjoy my night-time reading once more."


Community Executive

Clozette Covets: SS19 EVISU x Keith Haring

Left to right: SS19 EVISU x Keith Haring shirt, SGD1,099; SS19 EVISU x Keith Haring sliders, SGD599

"After a week's long vacation in my favourite city, Tokyo, my enthusiasm for Japanese High-Street Fashion has not dwindled. A new playful collection featuring EVISU and legendary '80s pop-art artist Keith Haring has just been launched. The collection includes a range of t-shirts, denim shorts, beach boxers, beach slippers and all other fashion items in fun and colourful prints. Throw on an EVISU x Keith Haring tee, a pair of pool sliders and be ready to indulge in an artistic and creative summer."


Creative Lead

Clozette Covets: The Hustle 2019 movie

 "I have been wanting to watch The Hustle featuring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, who star as female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, who team up to take down the dirty rotten men who have wronged them. Rebel Wilson, who studied law in her early days, fought in court for the rating of the movie as it was considered sexist towards men. I love such stories of women standing up for women! I can't wait to watch it." 

(Cover photo from: @guerlain; @furla)