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Ever had one of those days where you just want to channel fierceness? Wait, don't tell us. We already know that the answer is every single day. Since we're on the same page as you on that, let us introduce you to two picks from Burberry that let you channel a feline's fierceness and bold sultriness through a swipe or two. We're talking about the Burberry Cat Lashes mascaras and the dual-tipped Cat Eye Liner

Nothing says fierce better than a sharp winged-liner which can now be easily achieved with great precision using the Cat Eye Liner's high-pigmented liquid liner on one end and silky shaping shadow tip on the other. The shaping shadow is meant to give your wing a deeper and more emphasised finish and can also be used to achieve the perfect smoked-out effect.

Complement your showstopping wing with beautifully fanned out lashes courtesy of the Cat Lashes mascara. Now in an ultra-black formula, the mascara delivers a bold and lasting impact for the most defined and clump-free eyelashes. Watch us give these two products a whirl in today's unboxing video. 

(Cover photo from: uk.burberry.com)


It's no secret that bold lipstick colours can be a little intimidating to wear. Unlike MLBB shades, you'll need to be extra careful with prepping and lining your lips. But in a way, sporting a bold lip is also the easiest way to exude a glam look if you're strapped for time. Even without a smokey eye and a statement blush, a richly pigmented pout will make you look polished in an instant. Need a guide on how to rock bold lip colours? Keep scrolling and take inspiration from the Clozette Community.

Ravishing rouge

Bold Red Lipstick

(Photo from: Michhy)

Bold in blue

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Raise your hand if you're a beauty junkie like us! No matter how many new releases come out each month, we just can't seem to get enough. From tried-and-true cult favourites to ones that have great potential, our eyes are set on beauty picks that make our hearts aflutter. Here's what's on our to-buy list this month.


Deputy Editor

The Pixi Rose Glow Mist is great for hydrating and brightening the skin.

PHP995/~USD19 (glamourbox.ph)

"I've hit the big 3-O mark. If there's one thing my friends who are enjoying this phase tell me it's to make sure I keep my skin's elasticity in check because, as you may know, that's gonna change soon. For that, I'm hoping to add the Pixi Rose Glow Mist to my daily arsenal. It has seven flower oils, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that will make sure my skin's not only supple and smooth but also keep it safe from free radicals."


Features Writer and Campaign Executive

The Vivid Cotton Ink Crushed Rose Collection is great for lovers of lippies

SGD15 each/~USD11

"As much as I consider myself a lipstick addict, nude shades are not really up my alley because they don’t flatter my already pale lips. So when I saw Innisfree extending their lip range with the new Vivid Cotton Ink Crushed Rose Collection, I was just ecstatic. Promising a my-lips-but-better style but in five gorgeous and vivid rosy hues, who says you have to settle for the typical nudes for your MLBBs with these picks in the playing field? Its Shine Essence Oil Complex, which brings out the tint colour while keeping the lips supple and nourished, is also perfect for chap-lipped gals like me so I definitely have all five shades as my prospects."


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The SK-II GenOptics Spot Pen promises to ward off dark spots

"I've been dealing with dark spots ever since I hit puberty. Although it is manageable and probably not as bad as I think it is, I still long for that blemish-free skin that doesn't need any concealer to cover up acne scars. From booster serums to brightening toners, I've used a lot of formulations to hasten the fading of my dark spots. Some worked but I have yet to find a product that can instantly even out my skin tone. That's why the SK-II GenOptics Spot Pen seems promising to me. With its innovative design featuring a magnetic booster (which is said to help absorption) and its high concentration of WH Smart Cocktail and Pitera™, this may just be the skincare miracle that I've been searching for."


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Glitter strands in the hair courtesy of GLIT AF is to die for

(Photo from: @glitaf)

"As a hair and makeup enthusiast, may I confess my recent obsession with sparkles and glitters? I love the concept of glitter growing from your roots and GLITAF has it. If there's something that has sparked joy in my new year, it's got to be Glit."


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The Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light is great for at-home facials

(Photo from: @iloveskininc)

"Dull and uneven skin have been my major skin concerns for years, so when I found out about the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, I had to give it a shot. It’s not the newest thing on the block but the latest launch piqued my curiosity and I don’t think I could ever look back. It allows you to create a customised facial experience with five different kinds of light therapy. Beats spending hours at a facial when I can give my skin a quick fix over Dynasty on Netflix."


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The Replica Lazy Sunday Morning by Martin Margiela is a floral scent that smells great for every day

SGD145/~USD107 (sephora.sg)

"I hardly use perfumes because I don’t like smelling very artificial. I am very selective of the fragrances I purchase because I personally feel that most perfumes or EDT are quite overwhelming and I get sick of them very quickly. I think to smell good, you just have to be smelling fresh and pleasant. I will always opt for floral-scented fragrances and the Replica Lazy Sunday Morning by Martin Margiela is one that I want to get."