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Unboxing: Clinique Custom-Blend Hydration System

Customised skincare

It's a given that skincare should be personalised. After all, each of has different skin concerns. With all the recent developments in the beauty industry, most of us can now tailor our skincare routine. Adding serums and boosters is considered a must so you can properly target problem areas. But sometimes it can be a hassle to create a concoction. The good news is that skincare brands are starting to recognise the need for customisable beauty products. 

The Clinique iD™ Duo, also referred to as the Custom-Blend Hydration System, lets you take full control of your skincare. The first step is to choose a base; you can pick one from the three different textures of Dramatically Different™ (Moisturizing Lotion+, Oil-Control Gel, Hydrating Jelly). Afterwards, select which cartridges you'd want to add: irritation (for soothing sensitive skin), pores & uneven (for retexturising skin), uneven skintone (for brightening), fatigue (for glowing skin) and lines & wrinkles (for plump skin). Once you're done customising your skincare, just insert the cartridge of your choice and pump away. Remember to mix and match formulations depending on what your skin needs for the day.

Watch our video and see how easy peasy it is to personalise skincare with the new Clinique iD™ Duo.

(Cover photo from: @clinique)