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One of the most fundamental parts of a makeup routine is getting your base on point. But it's not easy to find your match. There are foundations that can be too heavy, too sheer, too dry, too wet — you get the idea. Thankfully, CLIO adds the Nudism Velvetwear Foundation to their product range to make sure your base is the best that it can be, effortlessly. 

The foundation promises a seamless finish with sheer, nude-like coverage that's perfect for everyday use. Despite its thin and lightweight consistency, it still helps mellow down the visibility of imperfections without looking too heavy and cakey on the skin.

It also features unique anti-oxidising properties to make sure your makeup stays fresh and not discoloured even as you go about your day. Top pick material, don't you think? But that's not all. It also comes with its own brush, too, so no need to go through the whole 'sponge or brush' dilemma to find the perfect application method!

Itching to add this to your cart? Check out our quick unboxing in the video above. 

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At this day and age where most everyone aims for an Instagrammable photo, finding the right pose is key. Capturing your best angle is not something that should be taken lightly and the rise of influencers who seem to never run out of poses are living proof of this. But since not everyone has the time to formulate their photos prior to taking that shot, we're giving you a pose that could serve as your default. It provides maximum impact, minus the hassle: the head on hand. 

The technique gives a caught-off-guard vibe to your photo, making your features look more relaxed and natural. It also helps make your face the focal point of the image, ensuring a candid yet flattering result. 

Not sure how to work this pose? Let our Clozetters be your guiding example. 

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Hand on head Instagram post

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Hand on head Instagram post

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It's a new month! September swung by so fast, didn't it? Are you ready for new and exciting things October will bring? Let's kick it off with some of the latest and hottest news in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

Origins makeup

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Origins is known for its botanical skincare offerings, but they've broken into the makeup scene through a line of lipsticks. Their Blooming Bold lipsticks are made with flowers — crushed petals, repurposed buttery flower waxes from perfumeries and flower honeys.

Designed by an Angel

Filipino actress Angel Locsin has collaborated with Avon Fashions on a collection of bags. With the modern Filipina in mind, she designed styles that can be used from day to night.

Nike's new Air Max 270

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Nike has just released a new colourway for their Air Max 270 and it's inspired by a certain Southeast Asian country. Can you guess which one?


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the Estee Lauder Companies wants to not only bring awareness to the disease but also put an end to it. Support the campaign by going here. Learn how Estee Lauder and your favourite beauty products can help here.

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