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Unboxing: Double Dare Kick-starter Set

Pamper yourself!

Just because modern life moves fast doesn't mean you're not allowed to take a moment for yourself. True to its laid-back Californian origins, skincare brand Double Dare encourages you to do just that with their range of easy home facial spa masks. Whatever your skin concern, there's a treatment in there waiting for you. 

If you're feeling burdened by environmental stress, use their OMG! Detox Bubbling Mask, which uses carbonated bubbles to clear all the gunk from your pores. If your complexion's feeling dull, you can unveil brighter-looking skin with the OMG! Peeling Gel, which gently exfoliates the skin surface with a blend of vitamins and fruit extracts. The OMG! Pulling Gel, meanwhile, gives you the acid treatment with AHA, papaya enzymes, and jojoba seed oil for more refined skin texture. If your skin's looking a bit drawn, whip out the Age Freeze Gel Mask to firm it up with a potent blend of five oriental plant extracts. Double up on the skin restoration with the Age Freeze Veil Mask with its ultra-hydrating mix of ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Finally, seal the deal to renewed skin with the OMG! Microfibre Mask, which deeply nourishes the skin with hydrolysed collagen and plant-based extracts. Emerge from your sweet home spa session feeling pampered and refreshed!