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Just because modern life moves fast doesn't mean you're not allowed to take a moment for yourself. True to its laid-back Californian origins, skincare brand Double Dare encourages you to do just that with their range of easy home facial spa masks. Whatever your skin concern, there's a treatment in there waiting for you. 

If you're feeling burdened by environmental stress, use their OMG! Detox Bubbling Mask, which uses carbonated bubbles to clear all the gunk from your pores. If your complexion's feeling dull, you can unveil brighter-looking skin with the OMG! Peeling Gel, which gently exfoliates the skin surface with a blend of vitamins and fruit extracts. The OMG! Pulling Gel, meanwhile, gives you the acid treatment with AHA, papaya enzymes, and jojoba seed oil for more refined skin texture. If your skin's looking a bit drawn, whip out the Age Freeze Gel Mask to firm it up with a potent blend of five oriental plant extracts. Double up on the skin restoration with the Age Freeze Veil Mask with its ultra-hydrating mix of ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Finally, seal the deal to renewed skin with the OMG! Microfibre Mask, which deeply nourishes the skin with hydrolysed collagen and plant-based extracts. Emerge from your sweet home spa session feeling pampered and refreshed!


This May, we’re talking travel! In our Jet-setter Beauty series, we ask goddesses in the sky a.k.a flight attendants to spill their best-kept beauty secrets.

For people who have sensitive or problematic skin, minimising one's skincare routine for travel can be tough. Making sure that you have the right products with you, as well as keeping your skin from getting irritated or dried out by the cabin air, is definitely of the essence.

As passengers, we have to deal with this once in a while, but for cabin crew — who always look so pristine and flawless — these issues present themselves almost every day. How do they even manage? To answer this, we consulted Michelle Wong about dealing with breakouts, in-flight beauty must-haves, and working out other beauty concerns on or off-duty as a flight attendant. 

Michelle on jet-setting as a career

"I've been a flight attendant for about three years now and it has been challenging. Working in the aviation industry is like getting a new work every time; you’re always on the way to a new destination. Before you start your flight, you have to go through a pre-flight briefing and meet your crew members and the pilots to create a good atmosphere.

The passengers usually see just the service side of the job, but it's actually more than that. We have to go through our safety equipment procedures (theory and practical exams) before we can even be called a cabin crew. And every once a year, cabin crew have to go through recurrent training to refresh our skills. 

The best thing about the work, for me, is working with people. You get to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds, different cultures, and you learn a lot from them. I would recommend the job to anyone who loves to work with people and travelling."

How important is it for you to have flawless skin and on-fleek makeup on the job?

"It’s very important to have flawless skin without visible scars, pores and pimples, as well as on-fleek makeup because we are always facing passengers in-flight. We're always observed from head-to-toe so that is why we need to show a good image as we are carrying our airline brand."

Is there a standard beauty look all cabin crew must follow?

"Yes, there is. One thing great about working in my airline company is that the female crew may keep their hair loose but it has to be above the armpit line. If not, you should style your hair in a french twist. Also, as long as your makeup is up to standard then it should be fine. As for me, I always have bright red lipstick on as it suits my skin tone and the uniform I wear. "

On keeping up with a beauty routine during her busy flight schedule

Can you tell us about your skin type? 

"I have dry-combination skin that's prone to breakout. My dry skin usually becomes really flaky so twice a week I’ll use my St. Ives face scrub to clear off the dead skin cells. I also bring a face mist for quick hydration and moisturising."

What do you do if you have a jam-packed flying schedule and you started breaking out?

"Every cabin crew's schedule is always packed every month. With that said, the dry air in aeroplanes can definitely irritate the skin and cause breakouts. I’m glad I rarely have them as I try to really take good care of my skin. But when I do, I make sure I squeeze in enough sleep as much as I can and I drink plenty of water. I also use my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (which is the best product ever!) at night when that happens and the next day, my zits will be healed and less visible." 

During long flights, do you do shifts and get rest breaks? Have you ever had to do your skincare and makeup routine in the air? How was it?

"Right after service, we do get our rest breaks. But during that time, we will also check on our passengers whether are they doing fine and are well-rested so it's not really a 'me-time' kind of break. Usually what I will do is just to touch up my face with a pressed powder and refresh my lipstick.

For skincare, I will just use a face mist — either my Pixi Rose Gold mist or Nature Republic Aloe mist — as my face tends to feel really dry because of the air."

Have you experienced any issues with your tresses since you started flying constantly? How did you deal with it?

"Yes, indeed. My hair started to fall out terribly when I started flying. I’ve tried many hair fall products but it didn’t work until I used Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo (for oily scalp). Its smell is a bit unusual (but not in a bad way) as it has ginseng extracts to strengthen your hair and improve hair elasticity. I highly recommend this product as I feel like it will solve your hair fall insecurities."

In what ways does constant flying affect your beauty habits?

"Ever since I joined the airline, my skin became really dry. Every layover/night stop I travel to, I would bring along my skincare products no matter where I travel, no matter what the season is. And yes, we're talking cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and sleeping mask, as well as my sheet masks too."

How does your beauty routine differ when you travel and when you’re at home? 

"I have two different sets of skincare products and makeup bag in my luggage and in my room so that every time I want to pack my stuff, I won’t forget the items I need to bring because they're already in there. At home, I use more intense products. During travel, I would just bring the basics, but mainly my needs for dry skin."

Do you have any personal beauty tips you can share to all jet-setters out there?

"You don't need a lot of products to ensure you take care of your skin while travelling. It's all about effectivity and matching your skin type and needs and not at all about quantity."

Follow Michelle Wong as she documents her trips all over the world on her Instagram.

(Cover photo from: @asdmichelle)


As the rigorous Korean 10-Step Skincare craze slows down and “skipcare” becomes the order of the day, another international beauty segment is on the rise: Japanese Beauty. The underrated neighbour of the K-Beauty phenomenon, J-Beauty has been quietly enjoying its success among insiders.

Known for its minimalist approach and having highly strict requirements in its personal care and cosmetic product regulations, it’s no surprise that Japanese skincare performs as well as it claims (no overselling labels here!). Add to that the porcelain-like skin of Japanese women and they’ve got us convinced. With Japan being one of the go-to destinations every season, we’ve come up with a guide to the holy grails of Japanese skincare that you must keep an eye out for on your next trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen

anessa sunscreen

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk 60ml, SGD39.90/~USD29 (watsons.com)

Said to be the best sunscreen of all time, Anessa’s Perfect UV Sunscreen has secured the top spot in sunscreen ranking in Japan for a solid 17 years. Not only does it boast of a high SPF but it's also packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like marine collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep your face hydrated. It’s sweat-proof, waterproof, and non-sticky to boot making it a beloved essential in Japanese women’s daily skincare routines. It even has a mild range — perfect for sensitive skin types, which you can find out about here.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

cure gel japan

Cure Natural Aqua Gel, SGD29.90/~PHP1,500 (rustans-thebeautysource.com)

If you’re looking for a chemical exfoliant that really makes you feel as if you’ve exfoliated, Cure’s Natural Aqua Gel is the one for you. This skin peel makes use of activated hydrogen water for some mild surface peeling. You can actually see the dead skin cells coming off once you rub the product into your skin.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

dhc cleansing oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml, SGD32.50/~USD24 (lookfantastic.com

Many Japanese women rely on DHC’s Cleansing Oil to remove their makeup after the end of a long day. The vitamin- and antioxidant-rich formula transforms into a wonderful milky emulsion upon contact with water for a refreshing cleanse. Skin doesn’t feel stripped afterwards as the cleanser leaves it feeling nourished and radiant.

Lululun Face Masks

lululun face mask

Lululun Classic Moisturising Face Mask 36-Day Pack, SGD26/~PHP995 (beautybar.com

Serial maskers will enjoy Lululun’s hydrating face masks, which come in bulk form. This ultra-moisturising variant combines a blend of hyaluronic acid, acacia honey, and avocado extract to reveal supple skin. Use it daily for a noticeable glow boost.

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

kanebo powder cleanser

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder, SGD26.90/~USD19 for a pack of 32 (lazada.com

One of the most hyped Japanese skincare products is the Suisai Beauty Clear Powder from Kanebo. Tourists like to stock up on these travel-friendly babies that pack a powerful mix of enzymes and amino acid cleansing ingredients into their capsules. Simply mix with water and enjoy the feeling of an efficient and effective clean.

KOSE Sekkisei Emulsion

kose sekkisei

KOSE Sekkisei Emulsion 140ml, SGD65.60/~USD48 (watsons.com)

Another highlight of Japanese skincare is the Sekkisei Emulsion whose whitening and hydrating properties are praised throughout the country. It features Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, and White Lotus, which work to dramatically brighten skin with continuous use. The non-sticky long-lasting hydration it provides is a hit even for the most dry-skinned users.

Senka Perfect Whip

perfect whip cleanser

Senka Perfect Whip, SGD7.90/~USD6 (watsons.com

Japan’s favourite cleanser is the famous Perfect Whip. This cleanser offers the most delightful cream to foam formula that lathers wonderfully onto the skin, providing effective cleansing without the dreadful stripping feeling. The addition of Shiseido’s moisture-boosting Aqua-in-Pool ingredient helps strengthen the skin barrier, protecting it from daily damage.

SK-II Treatment Essence

sk-ii essence

SK-II Treatment Essence 160ml, SGD220/~USD159 (sephora.com)

The holy grail of holy grails, SK-II’s Treatment Essence is renowned all over the world for its youth-boosting properties. Its signature ingredient, Pitera™, helps cells regenerate for brighter, smoother, younger-looking skin. Brand ambassador Cate Blanchett credits her glow to regular use of the essence. And who wouldn’t want luminous, almost-ethereal skin like hers?

If you haven't tried any of these Japanese skincare products before, now's a good time to join in the action. Many of them are already available internationally but if you have a friend/relative booking a trip to Japan, it would be a good idea to keep these on your gift list. 

(Cover photos from: @sekkisei.official and @dhcskincare)

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