Unboxing: Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint | Clozette

There's no stopping Fenty Beauty from continuously wow-ing us with their new releases. Rihanna recently dropped by Southeast Asia to celebrate the brand's first year anniversary and unveiled the new additions to her brand's Stunna Lip Paint collection. 

The line now has four other shades namely Unbutton, Uncuffed, Unveil and Uninvited. They range from nude and pink to bold brown and black, all promising to suit any skin tone just like the first colour released, Uncensored. They also come in their usual lip precision wand and weightless formula that is said to last for 12 hours. 

So as soon as it landed in our office, we just had to swatch a couple of the shades that we got our hands on (plus a bonus of some old faves from the brand)! Check out the video above to see if these lip paints are truly a 'Stunna' as their name suggests. 


We all know that nothing beats a good skincare routine when it comes to achieving that radiant, youthful-looking complexion. But there's no harm in getting a little help from the makeup department. Even though some would say that piling on makeup makes you look mature, there are actually tricks and techniques that can transform your features to appear more youthful. Ahead, five tips on how to apply makeup to take years off of your look in an instant.

Don't skip the prep

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator, USD39 (clinique.com)

We often forgo priming and moisturising in favour of saving time in the morning but doing so is a big mistake if you want to look and keep your skin youthful. The combination of these two products will help makeup apply flawlessly. The primer will hold the foundation in place so it doesn't transfer to other areas by midday. Meanwhile, the moisturiser smooths out any dry or flaking areas that could magnify fine lines. If you're a busy gal, look for multipurpose products that can serve both as a primer and moisturiser. 

Go easy on the brows

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up, USD28 (bobbibrowncosmetics.com)

Having that sharp-arched, brows on fleek look may not be your best option anymore if you want to look a little younger. Instead, try the straight-shaped eyebrows. To do this, just follow the natural shape of your brows and only pluck the stray hairs. Use a brow shaper to hold brow strands in place and softly fill in uneven areas.

Apply blush higher on your cheeks

Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher, SGD 24/~USD17.43

Instead of applying contoured and harsh blush lines, go for a softer look by gently whirling your brush from the ear to your mouth. This will give the appearance of lifted cheeks and glowing skin. Avoid using vivid shades for blush; natural pinks and peaches work best in achieving that effortless radiance. 

Apply eyeliner thinly

3INA Matte Pen Eyeliner, SGD23/~USD16.70

Wearing eyeliner can work wonders for the shape of our eyes. However, if you apply it on too thick and dark it will weigh down not only your eyes but also your face. Your best bet is to blend the eyeliner at the outer corners of your eyes to give a soft definition that won't overwhelm your overall look.

Add some shimmer

3CE Shimmer stick, PHP887/~USD16.41 (sephora.ph)

Mixing a little shimmer to your usual matte makeup look will give you that youthful dewy glow. Start by applying shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten and perk up the eye area. You can also apply shimmer all over your lids if you're comfortable with it. Next, dab some shimmer on your brow bone and at the top of your cheeks for a highlighting, 'lit-from-within' effect. 

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We're already at the halfway point of the month. It's pretty crazy how time is flying so fast. If you're having a hard time keeping up with other stuff, you bet you can keep up with the latest and hottest in the worlds of fashion and beauty with our help. Here are the things we caught in our radar.

H&M x Moschino

The first look at H&M's collaboration with luxe design house Moschino has been unveiled, and it can be summed up with one word: fun! You can get your hands on the pieces starting 8 November.

Ellana takes on Southeast Asia

Filipino beauty brand Ellana Cosmetics is branching out. Folks from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Indonesia can now try their bestselling (and cult-favourite) mineral powders, as well as their new offerings including their creamy liquid lipsticks.

Unilever goes cruelty-free

Unilever has announced their support for promoting cruelty-free beauty through the Humane Society International's #BeCrueltyFree campaign, according to Allure. This move is reportedly said to impact the beauty industry in a big way.

UNIQLO x Alexander Wang

Here's another collaboration to watch out for. Alexander Wang has worked with UNIQLO for their HEATTECH functional apparel.  No news yet on when the collection will be released, but keep an eye out for it here.

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