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Unboxing: Naturally Serious Debut Collection

Skincare that takes you seriously

There was once a time when organic and cruelty-free beauty was considered rare, high-priced, and luxurious. It's a good thing that now, accessible but clean and ethical beauty is on the rise. Soon enough, we're sure we'll be spoilt for choice. The latest one to enter the scene in the region is Naturally Serious

Boasting to take your skin seriously, thus, their brand name, Naturally Serious takes pride in being 'the cleanest brand' currently in the market. Their products are said to be created with no B.A.D (Banned. Ambiguous. Debatable) ingredients traced or found in their formulations. Cool, right? 

Another thing to note about their products is the inclusion of a special anti-pollution blend in their formulation. It's made with natural ingredients and six antioxidants such as pomegranate, goji berry, grape seed, as well as green, white, and red tea. This blend is clinically tested to also help combat signs of ageing caused by daily skin stressors like UV rays and free radicals. 

Now that they've landed in Singapore, watch as we give some of their bestsellers a whirl on the unboxing video above.

(Cover photo from: @naturallyseriousskin)