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Unboxing: Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color

Pucker up!

With a comfortable formula that lasts throughout the day — all without leaving a drying feeling on your lips — soft matte tint-lipstick hybrids are quickly becoming one of the most popular in the beauty arena. It’s flexible enough that you can blend it for a gradient lip or swipe it on for a bold, crisp lip moment. If you are looking for a drugstore version of this lippie, look no further than the Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color.

It promises to deliver “The Perfect Blotted Lip Effect,” which means it would fade as the hours go by, but will leave a beautiful stain on your lips. This soft lip ink has a cloud-like texture, as its name suggests, while still being moisturising and lightweight. It uses a complex of Milk Thistle Lipolami®, Coconut Oil, and Cotton Seed Oil that nourishes and smoothens out the lines in your lips like a balm. It is also free from fragrance and added parabens. You can get it in drugstores and Revlon's beauty counters for SGD19.20/~USD14.01.

Interested in a swatch party? See our video above!

(Cover photo from: @revlon)