Unboxing: Revlon Matte Is Everything™ Super Lustrous Lipstick Collection | Clozette

Gloss may be making a comeback but we all know that when it comes to longevity and all-time chicness, matte is the way to go. So if you're mad for matte like us, then you are going to love this! Revlon's bestselling Super Lustrous™ Lipstick range introduces a new addition to its line called Matte Is Everything™

Following the Super Lustrous™'s well-loved high-impact colour pay-off and sleek black and gold packaging comes this collection that promises a gorgeous creamy matte finish that's all beauty and no discomfort of wear. Available in 12 new bold matte shades, we bet you can already see yourself reaching for this lippie on the daily! See how these lippies fair as we sample some swatches in our unboxing video above.


We can all agree that doing the gift exchange tradition with your colleagues, friends or family is always fun. But shopping for the perfect present can be quite an endeavour. After all, how can you get a great gift if you don't know who will end up getting it? The key is to get unisex gifts that appeal to everyone's taste. Skip the mugs, notebooks and towels. Keep reading and discover some thoughtful gift options you should consider getting when you're buying for no one in particular.

A limited-edition holiday item

Price unavailable

We can't think of anyone who doesn't wanna snag a limited-edition item, so it's a safe bet to get one for your gift exchange. Pick one that fits the holiday theme like this festive timepiece from Swatch called SHINEBRIGHT. It's all covered in red and wrapped by an Alcantara bracelet with sparkling Swarovski stones.

A unisex perfume

Price unavailable

Another item that anyone can appreciate is an indulgent perfume. Since you don't know who you're shopping for, choose a clean, unisex scent that's universally pleasant. Try LUCKY by Maison Christian Dior; it's a fresh infusion with gentle notes of lily-of-the-valley. 

A coffee table book


We think of coffee table books as boring but that's not always the case. Some are really well-made and feature very interesting topics. Take, for example, travel club Mr & Mrs Smith's "The World’s Sexiest Bedrooms" which features cosy country hideaways, canopy covered safari lodges, cliff-clung island perches and other honeymoon-worthy hotel rooms. A perfect gift for anyone who has a penchant for amazing photography and travel —  which is basically everyone. 

A fitness program voucher

Starts at SGD50/~USD36.65

Encourage whoever gets your gift to kickstart their fitness goals for the coming year by giving a fitness class voucher. You can gift certificates from individual studios or you can also consider getting a ClassPass instead so they can try various fitness program before deciding to commit to one. Click here to learn more about the ClassPass gift card.

A no-fuss skincare kit

Price unavailable

The concept of skincare may be more associated with the ladies but we all know that it's for everyone. Give the gift of glowing skin with the L:A BRUKET Face Travel Kit which is designed to be both nourishing and relaxing due its essential oils and plant extract components. Learn more about this Swedish skincare brand here

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The holiday season is ripe with opportunities to escape on an adventure. A ski trip in the snowcapped mountains? Sure. An afternoon kayaking in a lake? Why not?

But quick, picture this: Draped in your favourite ensemble, you’re walking barefoot on the sands of Erg Chebbi dunes in Morocco. The brisk desert night invigorates your senses. The sky is sprinkled with stars peppering your every step with light. You rest by a crackling fire and feel the warm wisps kissing your cheeks and become washed with the vibrancy of happy memories with loved ones. That — and the thrilling sensation that comes with it — is what you or a loved one will be able to feel as you enjoy the contents of Huxley Scent Collection; Starry Dune.

Huxley Scent Collection; Starry Dune (Left); Candle; Morrocan Gardener (Right)

Enjoy the adventure in the comfort of your own home and transport your senses to that special place. Start with your eyes and look at the Snow Globe; Starry Dune, a limited edition snow globe that’s reminiscent of the experience of the endless starry night in Morocco’s sand dunes. And then, pamper your hands with the Hand Cream Velvet Touch, a luscious anti-aging hand cream bearing Huxley’s signature fragrance. To top it all off, be swept away on a spirited experience with a whiff of the new Candle; Morrocan Gardener. It’s a natural scented candle made from soy that’s inspired by the exotic and inviting allure of a Moroccan garden oasis, which you can get as part of the collection or by itself.

Experience an adventure for your senses. As a treat, you can get a 25% off your order from huxley.sg when you use the code CLZ25OFF (valid until 15 December 2018)! Plus, your order will be shipped for free and will include lots of samples!

The exclusive Huxley Scent Collection; Starry Dune (includes Candle; Moroccan Gardener (80g), Snow Globe; Starry Dune, Hand Cream; Velvet Touch (30ml)) retails at SGD80. The Candle; Moroccan Gardener retails at SGD80 for 230g. Learn more about Huxley on Facebook and Instagram.