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Sephora has become everyone’s go-to beauty haven. Whether we’re wanting a skincare boost or a new palette to try out, a quick round through their stores or just a quick scroll through their online shop gives us our much-needed beauty fix. Other than its convenience, what makes the beauty platform loved by all are the variety of products to choose from. And this fall, it seems they’re launching more to spoil us beauty junkies. Aside from new products from BYBI, Inkey List, Galinée, Allies of Skin, and Dr. Roebuck’s, take a peek at some of the other best-sellers and favourites you can shop.

First, frame your eyes with Tarte’s Unleashed Eyeshadow Palette, complete with vegan 15-shade matte and metallic shades that make for a wild look. Pair it with voluminised lashes thanks to the travel-sized Big Ego Mascara that comes along with it. 

Next, give your whole body that sparkly radiance with Anastasia Beverly Hills Shimmer Body Oil. With its glittery lightweight formula, you can have a subtle golden glow without the greasy feel. 

There’s also the all-new Glamglow Berryglow Probiotic Mask that can help you glow from within. Boost your skin’s moisture with its cream-like formula containing an antioxidant-rich blend of berries.

Enhance that glow on your face with a sun-kissed look courtesy of the Smashbox Cali Kissed Highlight & Blush Palette. Brush up with its four shimmering shades and matte blush powders to look like you’ve just stepped off the beach.

Lastly, for those still in search for their holy grail moisturisers, try out the Marc Jacobs Beauty Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel Crème. Its pineapple-based formula will give your skin its much-needed exfoliating hydration — perfect for those with normal to dry skin types! 

Get these and more at Sephora stores island-wide and online.


They say having an anti-ageing regimen should start during your mid or late 20s. Well, I hit 30 this year, and I’m only getting started. I’d like to think that using sunscreen on those five or so years that I didn’t slather on creams will make up for it. If that fails, I hope using the Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum can at least help lessen the blow (and by blow, I mean fine lines and wrinkles).

Sunday Riley A+ High Grade Retinoid Serum

Retinol, they say, is the creme de la creme of anti-ageing. From dermatologists to women in their 50s who look like they’re in their late 30s, this ingredient is said to be the top pick if you’re looking to maintain a youthful look. Is it true? With 5 per cent retinol ester and one per cent Liposome-encapsulated retinol in each bottle of this new Sunday Riley crowd-favourite, will it be my holy-grail for retinol?

Packaging, appearance and texture

Before we get to that, let’s start dissecting it from the outside-in. The Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum comes in a royal blue glass bottle that evokes a feeling of luxury. The bottle, as one might assume, has a good heft (even though it only contains 30ml of product). It looks pretty on the vanity. The downside? The opacity of the bottle makes it hard to know how much of the product you’ve already used.

Swatch of the Sunday Riley Retinoid Serum

The product itself is not as photogenic. It also has a fragrance that has a mixture of botanical and medical, which can be off-putting to some. Both of these, however, are salvaged by the fact that the serum’s texture is divine. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t leave an oily feeling on the skin despite the product being oil-based. 


I started incorporating the serum into my routine a couple of months ago. During the first week, I started applying a pump’s worth of the product after my toner at night every two nights. At this stage, my skin was drier than ever. But after easing into the routine, I was finally able to enjoy the moisturising effect of the Hawaiian White Honey (a pro-skin humectant) in the serum. I then moved on to using it every other night. They say you can start using it nightly after a couple of weeks. But I still use acids and don’t want to over-exfoliate my skin so I keep it to just every other night. And since retinoid makes the skin more prone to sun damage, I make sure to continue putting sunscreen diligently. 

The Sunday Riley High Grade Retinoid Serum has been part of my routine for 2 months now.

Results and overall thoughts

After two months, I’ve noticed that my skin’s texture has become better. The lesions from past acne are still there but no longer as pronounced. The redness on my skin has also subsided. Although I wish the serum could help with my pores, too, because they continue to make their presence known. As far as wrinkles go, however, I’d wait a couple more months to see results. Do I look like I'm a decade younger? Not really, and I honestly don't wish it. But my skin is calmer and noticeably clearer now, which I am delighted with.

So that leaves us to the golden question: Do I plan on buying the Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum when I finish what I currently have? With a price tag of SGD128/~USD85 for 30ml of product, I'm still on the fence. I'll only really get to see the results when I'm old (since this is anti-ageing after all). But I can't deny that the current changes in my skin are pleasant. That said, I'd probably settle for a more inexpensive version until I can muster up the courage to swipe my card for it. But if you have the budget for it, I suggest you keep this on your to-buy list.

The serum is available at Sephora Singapore.



Self-care is something we’re sure you’ve heard of a lot lately. With such hectic lifestyles, putting a premium on our own person is of utmost importance. It helps keep us balanced. But more than indulging yourself in acquiring things in the guise of self-care, we say take part in it for the long haul. They say self-care is when you do something for future self today. We say, do it. Try this recipe for a weekend of holistic wellness that future you will definitely thank you for.

Be there for your body

Feed your body well

It’s easy to think, “I deserve this,” as you gulp down a jigger of an alcoholic beverage. We’re not saying you don’t. But we think there’s a better alternative. Reward your future self by making sure you take care of your body now through proper diet and exercise. If you’ve been putting it off for some time, take this as the go signal you’re waiting for. Book that fitness class, do your groceries and plan your meals. Take this as an opportunity to finally have whatever you’ve been putting off checked. Just be there for your body, buddy.

Go natural

There’s nothing quite fulfilling than making sure you’re giving yourself things that nourish it. So once you’ve done all that, make sure you take care of what you put on, too. While what’s inside matters, having the same mindset for what’s outside helps in so many ways as well. After all, how we look affects how we feel and vice versa. So instead of the usual, why not go natural? Nourish your tresses with superfood-infused haircare products from the Hair Recipe range. There are different variants for what you need, too.

Hair Recipe range

Rejuvenate dry hair with the Hair Recipe Honey & Apricot line that’s made with Original TripleBlend formula that makes sure your hair absorbs the right amount of moisture it needs. They also have conditioning actives that make the hair smooth and shiny.

For livening up dull, thin locks, the Hair Recipe Kiwi & Fig line is perfect. Made with a Unique Volume recipe of Kiwi and Fig, the products cleanse the scalp and hair effectively while strengthening them as well. They also have NutriLift technology that coats each strand of hair with a nourishing and strengthening film for more volume.

If you have damaged hair, here’s a good way to repair it: the Hair Recipe Apple & Ginger line. The products are made with an original Damage Repair formula that ensures each strand of hair is nourished and moisturised. Plus, it also has conditioning actives that repair the hair.

Mind your mind

Take care of your mind

We are truly stronger than we think. But we also don’t have to always think that way. Sometimes, acknowledging that we need a break — especially mentally — is just what we need to recalibrate and recharge. Free your mind from digital and daily clutter. Communing with nature is always a good way to relax your mind. Feast your eyes on a sea of greens as you hike up a trail. Marvel at the peacefulness of blue waters at the beach. No matter your choice, we say let loose and set your mind free.

Check on yourself

Do a self-check

It might be a hip-hop lyric, but it still holds a ton of truth: “Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.” More often than not, we ask people how they’re feeling or how they’re doing. But have you asked yourself if you’re truly doing okay lately? What do you need more of? What things should you discard? Do the things you love. Meditate. Take yourself out on a date. Or just find ways to enjoy your own company. The key is to put yourself first.

Take time for yourself and try out this recipe for a weekend of wellness. Get Hair Recipe products at Guardian.