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We're sure you already have tried-and-true products in your arsenal, but we say it's high time that you try something bold and new. There's something so fun about experimenting and the simplest way to do it is by playing with colour and shine. Inspired by the effect of dazzling energy, YSL Global Beauty Director Tom Pecheux created Shimmer Rush,  a collection of face colour that ignites and evokes a sense of playfulness. From washed pink to pastel neons and frosted hues, the colours in the Shimmer Rush All-Over Palette, Shimmer Rush Face Palette, Couture Eyeliner, Rogue Volupte Shine, Volupte Liquid Colour Balm and La Laque Couture will inspire you to cast away your makeup inhibitions and just have fun!

Watch our video above to get a peek into some of the items from the collection before you go ahead and add them to your cart.


Beauty makeovers don't need to be too drastic to make an impact. Sometimes all it takes is a change in hair colour to refresh your look. From balayage to simple highlights, giving your crowning glory a tint can brighten up your face in an instant. While hair colouring is a common practice nowadays, we know that it can still be daunting to dye locks, especially if it's your first time. To help you search for that perfect shade, here are some hair colour ideas from the Clozette Community

Ashy brown

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Chesnut brown

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Saying that the world of beauty content creation is saturated is putting it mildly. Each day, at least one person opens up an Instagram account or a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing their thoughts about beauty products and treatments and doling out tips and tricks on how to do your makeup better or what skincare technique to use. It's hard to get noticed in a sea of hundreds of thousands.

There's no formula to getting noticed. But looking at Joanne Clutario, better known as Anne Clutz, we see that it involves a lot of hard work and patience, a good amount of creativity, and a high dose of staying true to yourself. Known for her impartial thoughts when reviewing products and providing budget-friendly options for sought-after products that are more on the luxe side, Anne has gained quite a following. And her followers and supporters have definitely made their voice heard and their support felt when they voted for her at the 2018 Clozette Beauty Awards as the Most Creative Beauty Content Creator

You may have already seen or watched her, but we thought we'd ask her a few questions so you can get to know her better.

How did you start as a beauty content creator?

I started making videos [in] 2013; I wanted to do comedy skits but I ran out of ideas so I decided to just stick with doing reviews and tutorials since I love makeup anyway (which is cringe-y to be honest when I watch it now LOL).

What is the most satisfying thing about being a beauty influencer? What is the most challenging thing about it?

Being able to interact with hundreds and thousands of my viewers is probably the most satisfying part of being a beauty influencer. When someone is thanking me for inspiring them to feel better about themselves through makeup, it is the best feeling ever. Honestly, everything is challenging from conceptualising to uploading content almost daily but I just enjoy every minute of it, so I guess I can say [the] challenge is accepted.

How has your idea of beauty changed ever since you became an influencer?

It didn't. I have always thought of beauty as something deep within. It's the way you feel about yourself, so if you feel confident and beautiful it will radiate naturally.

What are your beauty essentials? Say, your house catches fire (knock on wood that it doesn't happen, of course!), what five beauty items will you make sure to save?

Foundation, eyebrow pencil, bronzer, lash curler and lip tint. 

What's the best beauty tip you've learned?

Skincare always comes first before makeup. No matter what.

What can we expect from you this year?

More videos, of course, and collaborations with fellow beauty content creators!

(Cover photo from: @anneclutz)