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In time for the re-opening of their chicer and sleeker branch at SM Megamall, Bobbi Brown Philippines also relaunched their global bestselling collection, the House of Luxe Lip Colour. Re-introducing the old favourites Luxe Matte Lipstick and Luxe Liquid Lip Colour in two new formulas, there are now luxurious lipsticks in three standout finishes from the brand. There's the Luxe Lip Matte Lipstick that gives amazing pigment and smooth-as-silk application and comes with 18 shades; the Luxe Lip Liquid High Shine that comes in nine shades and features 3-D light-refracting pigments injected with moisture spheres for a lush and plump-lipped look; and the Luxe Lip Velvet Matte that also comes in nine shades and has a velvet-soft formula with a long-lasting matte finish. All shades promise to deliver true pigment power and comfortable wear in one.

Now, whether you love the classic products in the line or you're just excited to try out the new ones in the collection, heading to Bobbi Brown to treat yourself — just in time for the holidays, may we add —  to enjoy a Luxe Lip experience is a good idea. Get your (or a giftee's) lipstick from the Luxe Lip line engraved with a name or a word during one of their engraving activities.  You can catch them for a limited time in select branches, following the schedule below. 

Plus, you can also score a Bobbi Brown Luxe pouch for every PHP3,500 minimum purchase inclusive of a Luxe Lip item. Talk about spoiling yourself for the festive season, right?

Up your beauty stash to the luxe level and explore the myriad of shades and finishes of the House of Luxe Lip Colour Collection for only PHP 1,850 each, available in all Bobbi Brown counters in the Philippines. 


The worlds of fashion and beauty are always abundant with fun happenings. Case in point: these tidbits we gathered. Here's your weekly dose of news.

Beyonce to buy out her brand?

As you may know, Beyonce has an athleisure brand created in partnership with Topshop called Ivy Park. But since Topshop hotshot Philip Green has been embroiled in a harassment case, there have been rumours that Beyonce is buying out her brand from the British company. No confirmation yet, but we're holding our breath for a resolution.

Blending makeup with a pancake?

Just when we thought we've seen it all — from cellphones to that part of a man's body — here comes another material used for makeup blending that just isn't right. Riverdale actress Camila Mendes was caught on video using... wait for it... a pancake — we're serious! — to blend her foundation in between takes. Well, it goes without saying that we will not try this trend but we assume that the sponge-like texture of the pancake does make for a good blender substitute.

Weed you try this?

Cannabis has been used for skincare and haircare products before, and more recently for mascara. But now we're moving on to colour makeup as Melt Cosmetics has just unveiled its Smoke Sessions Collection. And yes, the products in the line, which include an eyeshadow palette and a few lipsticks, are infused with weed. 

Cardi B x Fashion Nova

Cardi B has released her much-awaited collaboration with Fashion Nova over the weekend. The bad news is it's already sold out. Inspired by her favourite fashion designers, the clothes are meant to be affordable versions of what you may see on runway shows.

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Beauty gadgets, tools and whatnots have been a part of our lives ever since the beginning of time. They always go hand-in-hand with the human's propensity for vanity and while some of them have gone obsolete, some are still being used and practised today. For the Egyptians, it was in the form of pot and sticks to apply their eyeliners, then fast-forward to the Elizabethan era where leeches (yes, the blood-sucking parasite) were used for facials —  it's still being practised today — and there's also the variety of hair styling tools that emerged in the '40s to the '60s that are still being used today. But now, it's a different story. 

A new day comes with a new beauty tech innovation. It seems like we can't go on a week without having something new in the makeup or skincare department that's being crossed over with an A.I. or our smartphones. This new gadget from L'Oréal gives us similar vibes. The brand, in partnership with Swiss industrial designer Yves Behar and tech giant Apple, introduces La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV sensor clip, a minute accessory that supposedly aims to track your skin's health as affected by UVA and UVB rays. It helps in preventing damage that ranges from sunburn to something more serious like skin cancer. It also helps prompt about levels of pollen or pollution in a given area. 

The size itself makes it handy for clipping onto your clothes or your bag and it takes in UVA for data analysis and uses the data to mix with an algorithm to compute for UVB. Running by means of something similar to a solar panel, the sensor uses LED to store energy from sunlight as its power source instead of relying on batteries or Bluetooth. When the sensor is brought close to your smartphone, it directs information to its corresponding app, prompting the user to do necessary measures such as taking shade, putting sunblock and other related activities. Just like the other beauty innovations such as digital wellness and bespoke makeup, this is claimed to be the industry's 'next big thing'.

(Photo from: apple.com)

So the question lies: is it really? 

While the prospect of wearable skincare seems intriguing and the idea of it being more scientific than our personal discernment seems more reliable, we believe that skincare is actually intimate and personal; it's something that can be instinctive. Not everything must be app-driven. Unlike facial gadgets or beauty tools that are upfront in aiding our use of skincare products, a prompter like this clip-on sensor definitely invites scepticism especially from beauty enthusiasts who already religiously follow a skincare routine (and, thus, know the importance of sunblock). Plus, with the only feature of detecting UVA and UVB, why can't this be a feature incorporated in other wearables such as smartwatches or Fitbits instead?

So will it soar in popularity? Maybe. Is it practical? In our book, it's probably helpful but not adding anything new to the table. Truthfully, if it comes down to this and another beauty gadget, we'd say we prefer something that's not wearable but makes skincare much more enjoyable. We'll have that any day than something that tells you when you're taking in too much sunlight as if you can't already feel it. 

(Cover from: @larocheposayusa)