V-Day Beauty Gift Guide: Shades of Love | Clozette

This Valentine’s Day, I told my significant other not to get me the usual gifts. Flowers? Short-lived and perishable. Chocolates? Delicious yes, but a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips. But makeup, and lust-worthy ones at that---now that is something that is worth the keeps!

While it was difficult to curate this because there were just so many amazing choices out there, here are some of my definite top choices:


Ettusais Heart Cheek Colour & Creamy Lip Crayon 

Be still my heart! The new Ettusais Heart Cheek Colour is all sorts of girly sweetness! These beautiful mini-blushers each feature 3 overlapping hearts in shades of Apricot and Pink, containing beaming design crystals for added radiance and gives a natural luminous glow thanks to its advanced fitting powder and frictionless puff. 

Complete the look with these pretty floral motif Ettusais creamy lip crayons to keep lips supple with hi-definition colour, without compromising hydration thanks to its infused Rose Hip and Jojoba oils. Perfect for that Valentine's Day pout.

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-Talk & Lovely Cookie Blusher

When one thinks of girly style, no one does it better than Etude House. The Dear My Wish Lips-Talk features a moisturising lipstick range of 10 shades from dreamy pinks to vivacious corals. Encapsulated in dainty pink casing, it also features a small ribbon circlet that is actually removable as a wearable accessory!

My other pick is the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher, which reminds me of the old-world charm of beauty puffs that women once used. A sheer dome opens to reveal a quirky ribbon plush cushion sitting on top the blush. It's not only adorable to boot but its fluffy fibres capture the vivid colour base to create a ‘Photoshop-blur’ finish that is flattering for every skin-tone. 

Laneige 2-Tone Lip Bar

Laneige brings us one of the most wearable Korean beauty trends: the ombre lips. With the new 2-tone lip bar launching in March 2015, you’ll never go back to monotone lips once you’ve tried it. It has an excellent moisturising power and a creamy glide on for oh-so-kissable lips. Interesting to note, it is cut diagonally rather than horizontally for easy blending of colours, and is encased in a slide-up packaging like cake-pops. Now, how fun is that?

Guerlain Météorites Compact Light-Revealing Powder & Perles De Blush Angelic Radiance

It’s like a big beautiful mosaic of multi-colours! The powder adapts to every skin tone to enhance and illuminate the skin. The usual signature Météorites pearls are finely compressed and composed of corrective and enhancing shades to reveal the natural luminosity of every skin tone. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a sparkly engraved casing and an unbelievable Violet scent. 

And it would be almost a travesty not to include the new Meteroites for the season! The Perles De Blush Angelic Radiance is as sweet as its name. Contained in a revamped vintage “toile de Jouy”-style case with delicate embossed cherubs motifs. This Angelic Radiance consists of 3 harmonizing tones: a lively fuchsia for a pop of natural colour, an iridescent champagne for highlighting cheekbone curves, and a rose petal pink that gently refreshes the complexion. Simply blend the colours effortlessly with a brush to achieve that luminous glowing complexion.

Anna Sui’s Loose Powder Foundation

While we've been seeing a lot of incredible eye palettes and blushes, Anna Sui makes it to the list with its Loose Powder. Boasting the mobility of a pressed powder compact, a gloriously soft kabuki brush application rests onto a powder jar and enclosed in a beautifully carved dome. The brush is baby hair-soft and just the right size (we all know the pain of inadequately-sized brushes), while the finely-milled powder provides a luminous, flawless finish.

Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée Face Color Rose

When I first got to know Ladurée, I stood awestruck for a good few minutes. Apart from being too beautiful to be used, it was also the novelty of having cheek colours baked to resembled loose rose petals, all housed in a lovely translucent white and gold glass Faberge egg. Available in 3 natural-looking shades, this light powdery floral scented blusher builds up colour very nicely when buffed in without looking too overdone. 

Jil Stuart Ribbon Couture Eyes Palette 

This list would not be complete without the mention of maestro of girl chic. Jil Stuart’s 2015 Ribbon Couture Eye Palette. It is every avid makeup collector’s dream! It is decked out in an intricately carved silver casing peppered with diamantés that takes the form of a little purse with a ribbon lock. Inside awaits gorgeous eye shadow squares that come in 5 limited edition shimmery hues. Plus, with exquisite palette names like ‘Floret Tulle’ and ‘Vintage Satin’, how can anyone resist this? It’s so stunning it takes my breath away just by looking at it!

And there you have it---some of my favourite covetables! But of course, I'm sure there are many more that deserve to be on the lust list and I’d love to hear what you think!



Changing your nail polish week after week may be fashionable but it is not healthy for the nails. Nail polish contains chemicals and solvents that strip the nails of its moisture, making them brittle and prone to splitting and breaking. To solve that, you have to give your nails a break from all the colouring.

With Galderma's latest product, Locycare Nail Gel, your nails can now regain its healthy state in just 2 weeks!

Clinically proven to recover healthy looking nails, Locycare is a new moisturising nail gel that contains humectants and Artemisia leaf extract to hydrate and improve damaged and discoloured nails. Just dab it on your nails, lightly massage it in, and it will effortlessly penetrate the nails keeping it moisturised and healthy  every application. 

Give your nails a break and go bare with Locycare today! 

 Locycare Nail Gel is now available at selected pharmacies 


Love is in the air! As we prepare for a big night out for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that the way we smell is just as important as how we look – especially when he closes in for a kiss. Fragrances evoke and retain memories; they also leave a subtle impression about you on others.

Here are a few perfumes we suggest you wear this romantic season.



Your Valentine’s date: After presenting you with a bouquet of sunflowers, he takes you cycling, before completing the day with a picnic in a garden.

The perfume to wear: ESCADA Cherry in the Air. Inspired by the fresh and sweet scent of cherry blossoms, the top notes are rich citrus like black cherry and raspberry, and the heart notes consist of floral scents like gardenia petals, coupled with coconut orchid, warm vanilla and marshmallow. Available in 100ml (S$117), 50ml (S$93) and 30ml (S$67), and a 150ml body lotion (S$38).

Your Valentine’s date: Is at your favourite French restaurant and he surprises you with a bouquet of white roses, as well as a violinist playing “your song”.

The perfume to wear: Balmain Ivoire. The original Ivoire was inspired by the beauty of a woman draped in a pale silk gown whom Balmain saw one evening in the 1970s. The new Ivoire holds to the same poetic story while making the scent more contemporary. Available in 100ml (S$154), 50ml (S$108) and 30ml (S$79)


Your Valentine’s date: Is going to be like most weekends where you spend time with him helping out at the hospice. He cooks you dinner in the evening and presents you with a bouquet of pink roses.

The perfume to wear: PureDKNY A Drop Of Rose. Derived from community trade ingredients, this rose scent is concocted primarily from roses from Turkey, where they’re gathered one by one and then brought into the village for distilling. Available in 100ml (S$132) and 50ml (S$96).


Your Valentine’s date: He gives you the royal treatment by sending you to your favourite spa for a head-to-toe pampering. Then, he presents you with the largest bouquet you’ve ever received.

The perfume to wear: Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia. This zesty and glamorous fragrance gives an uplifting feeling with its top notes of freesia, green leaves and citrus zest, yet maintains its sensuality with the musk, sandalwood and warm chocolate accord in the base notes. Available in 100ml (S$168), 50ml (S$113) and 30ml (S$93).


Your Valentine’s date: He brings you on a road trip that concludes with a bungee jump.

The perfume to wear: D&G La Roue de la Fortune. This lavish perfume is feminine and opulent, opening with floral notes that contrast the scent of woods at the base. Retails at S$107 for 100ml.